Monday, 22 January 2018

I've been hoping...

A great year perhaps. 
More bucket lists to complete. 
I wished you had hurt me harder than I hurt you
I wish you wouldn't wait for me but you always do
I've been hoping somebody loves you in the ways I couldn't
Somebody's taking care of all of the mess I've made
Someone you don't have to change
I've been hoping
Someone will love you, let me go
-Not ready to fall in love yet-


  1. Rasanya dah lama saya tak active blogging, tapi your blog is one the blog that i MUST visit!
    May He give you strength to face whatever challenges & troubles you've to go through right now.
    After rain theres a rainbow.
    (Tak tahulah sesuai ke tak quotes ni dgn your situation 😅)

  2. You are a strong woman and eveything will be okay hopefully. Amin.


Kalau ada salah silap, Jangan segan silu untuk tegur.
Kalau ada terkasar bahasa, Ampun maaf di pinta.
Saya juga manusia biasa seperti anda.