Saturday, 9 September 2017

Hello Lovelies!

WP hotel, Kuala Lumpur. 
May 13, 2017

dan salam sejahtera...

First of all, I cant believe there's still people reading my blog after I havent blog for a lifetime! Didn't expect someone to comment on my post which seems more like a private issue. Handling my heartbreak. Nevertheless, thank you for your words and support given. It does light me up and give me support to go through this new things. 

Otherwise, it's been 4 months since my break up. I think, its time to give it a stop. Its time to move on. Its time to cheer up and to love myself back. Cant remember how much time I wasted just sleeping and being depressed. The tears shaded. The amount of ice cream I consumed. The energy lost. Its time to get back on track. 

Currently, I'm in orthopaedics department. The most chillax department of all. The workload is bearable. The working schedule is great. The bosses are very nice. No scolding episode, unless you really screw up the patient. Loving this honeymoon phase of being a houseman. However, this make me feel very lazy to open up the textbook and study. The assessments. The test. The viva. Urghhhhhh. Make me feel sick. Can houseman just skip the assesment part? 

Tomorrow I'll be working night shift for 2 consecutive nights. From 5pm till 10am the next day. But, in orthopaedics department, there's nothing much to do at night. You can just sleep happily, if you're not covering the emergency department. 

And guess what, after these 2 consecutive nights oncall, I'll be spending few days on vacation to Krabi! Yup. The last time I used my passport was 2 years back. Its time to get it stamped again. Can't wait. 
Then only, I'll think about my assesment. Can I? 

**P/s: Looking back, there's a lot of pending travelogue I havent post. Florence, Rome, Granada, Istanbul, and much more. Need to get it back on track. 

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Kalau ada terkasar bahasa, Ampun maaf di pinta.
Saya juga manusia biasa seperti anda.