Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Loving can hurt.

Make me laugh. Again. 

Loving can hurt. Loving can hurt sometimes. 
But its the only thing that I know. 

I never thought that loving someone can really hurt as bad as this. 
Never in my life I thought that I already found someone that fit me
Perfectly as pieces of puzzle complete each other. 
I never thought that I'll love someone as deeply as this. 
To stay with someone till we grey and old. 
I never thought that I'll lost you one day. 
Never in my life. 

And finally all of these had come to an end. 
And I'm lost in my own world. 
Sinking deep. 

Only someone who can dive deep to the bottom of the ocean can find me. 

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Kalau ada salah silap, Jangan segan silu untuk tegur.
Kalau ada terkasar bahasa, Ampun maaf di pinta.
Saya juga manusia biasa seperti anda.