Monday, 18 September 2017

Travelogue: Krabi. Nature Retreat.

Bamboo Island, Krabi, Thailand
12-15 September 2017

dan salam sejahtera...

Yey. We made it to Krabi, Thailand! It was on my bucket list, since forever. All my family members had been to Krabi previously, and I was damn jealous. I was working at that time. Unable to follow them. So, here we are. Sitting at the beach. Enjoying the nature. The salty smell of ocean and the windy breeze that blow on your face when you're walking along the beach. I missed it. The last time I went to a beautiful beach was langkawi. One year ago. 

As usual, my trip was adhoc. Everything was planned last minute. I booked my ticket one week earlier when my captain approved my leave. Luckily the price for the ticket was cheap. I travelled during weekdays. We booked our ticket through AirasiaGo together with 4 days 3 nights hotel. It was cheaper that way. The price of the ticket only RM180+ all in two-way without meal and luggage. 
 Ao Nang Beach, Krabi...
It was a post night call. I thought I could just sleep the whole night since I was in ortho department. However, I'm person in charge for Emergency Operation (EMOT). And I was stucked in Operation from 5.30pm till 2.00am. Oh my gosh. There's go my sleep. The next morning, I needed to study the case which I'm supposed to post to anaest in the morning. 7 cases to be posted. Grrrrr. Luckily, my night teammates were helpful. They help me a lot. I went back home at 11am and packed my stuff. And I managed to catch my flight at 5pm that day! 

Day 1 
Felt sleepy throughout the journey though. Once we reached Krabi Airport, we bought shared taxi / van to Ao Nang beach. It cost us around 150baht each. The internet was cheap! 88baht for 5 days unlimited. We reached Ao Nang beach, where's our hotel were located around 6.30pm local time. Sunset in Ao Nang beach! 

During the night, we were looking for the best and cheapest tour around krabi. We intended to buy the tour to Phi phi Island and Emerald pool. There's a lot of tour package provided. The price for Phi Phi Island ranging from 1050 to 1400 baht during off peak season including the natural/sea park entrance. The price differs according to the speedboat provided, the meals whether it's buffet or serve to you, the number of people in a boat, etc. The trip to Hot stream, Emerald Pool, and elephant trail around 750 to 900 baht. We chose Rungtawan tour which cost us 1800 baht for both tours. 

Day 2
Hot Stream - Emerald pool - Tiger cave temple - Elephant trail
The hot stream located quite far about 1 hour from Ao Nang Beach. The van pick us up from our hotel at 8.15am after we had our breakfast. We spent about 45 minutes to 1 hour at the hot stream. Nice place to just relax. It's located far in the thailand jungle. 40'celcius water. Nice place to release your stress. 
The hot stream, krabi, Thailand. 

The next stop. Emerald pool and Blue pool. We had our lunch - Nasi Goreng prior to walk about 800m into the jungle to look for the emerald pool. It was magnificently beautiful! The water was crystal clear. The emerald colour of the pool make us wanna jump into the pool straight away. We enjoyed our time at the emerald pool. However, due to the limited time given to us about 1 and half hours, we decided just to spent our time in the emerald pool. The blue pool located 800m more into the jungle. We didn't have time to walk though it. 

Then, the Tiger cave temple. We didn't really know that our tour included this temple. We thought only 3 places. Once we reached there, we googled about it. There's 1237 steps going up to the highest peak of the temple where you can see Krabi from high above the ground. And we decided to just hang out below there. Feel so heavy to go up 1237 steps above. 

Last trip of the day, the Elephant trail. There's choices, between elephant trail or ATV ride. Well, you can always ride ATV anywhere in Malaysia. So, better of to go for elephant trail. There's about six elephant carry all of us through the journey inside the jungle. At first, it was scary and high, but in times, you'll enjoy the ride. 
Emerald pool. So nice!
 Blup. Blup. Blup. 
 The tiger cave temple
 The elephant trail. Look at Faiz at the back, like a boss! 

Day 3
Bamboo Island - Maya bay - White cave - Monkey Bay- Phileh Lagoon - Phi phi Island
More or less, like an island hoping trip with snorkeling. The 1st stop was Bamboo Island. It was a rainy-sunny day. The ride with speedboat about 30-45 minutes. Initially it was raining, and we just sit there enjoying the rain and the sun without thinking of anything else. 

The snorkeling trip was not as I expected. There's not much fish! And the corals, compared to the one in Pulan perhentian, was far less. The timing given to us was only 45 minutes to 1 hour. Its not enough to enjoy the nature. I wanted more and more. So, I think, snorkeling trip in Pulau Perhentian was much more better. 

Phi Leh Lagoon was nice! They gave us chance to jump from the boat. Of course, i'm not a swimmer, thus, I jumped with my life vest. Haha. I wish I kne how to swim, how to dive, without my my life vest. Then, we had our lunch at Phi phi Island. It was a big island. There's hotels over there. Place to enjoy the nature.  
 Snorkeling trip!
 Phi Leh Lagoon. Krabi
Phi Phi Island. 

The trip I went with my brother, Faiz and best friend, Farahin. Enjoying the nature and trip with them! We ended our trip with Thai full body massage cost only 200 baht! So cheap. And the massage was damn great. Of course, your body will be in pain after the massage. But it was the experience your must try!

That's all for now. 

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Hello Lovelies!

WP hotel, Kuala Lumpur. 
May 13, 2017

dan salam sejahtera...

First of all, I cant believe there's still people reading my blog after I havent blog for a lifetime! Didn't expect someone to comment on my post which seems more like a private issue. Handling my heartbreak. Nevertheless, thank you for your words and support given. It does light me up and give me support to go through this new things. 

Otherwise, it's been 4 months since my break up. I think, its time to give it a stop. Its time to move on. Its time to cheer up and to love myself back. Cant remember how much time I wasted just sleeping and being depressed. The tears shaded. The amount of ice cream I consumed. The energy lost. Its time to get back on track. 

Currently, I'm in orthopaedics department. The most chillax department of all. The workload is bearable. The working schedule is great. The bosses are very nice. No scolding episode, unless you really screw up the patient. Loving this honeymoon phase of being a houseman. However, this make me feel very lazy to open up the textbook and study. The assessments. The test. The viva. Urghhhhhh. Make me feel sick. Can houseman just skip the assesment part? 

Tomorrow I'll be working night shift for 2 consecutive nights. From 5pm till 10am the next day. But, in orthopaedics department, there's nothing much to do at night. You can just sleep happily, if you're not covering the emergency department. 

And guess what, after these 2 consecutive nights oncall, I'll be spending few days on vacation to Krabi! Yup. The last time I used my passport was 2 years back. Its time to get it stamped again. Can't wait. 
Then only, I'll think about my assesment. Can I? 

**P/s: Looking back, there's a lot of pending travelogue I havent post. Florence, Rome, Granada, Istanbul, and much more. Need to get it back on track. 

Monday, 31 July 2017

This is me moving on

'Your heart can lie and hide the truth. But your eyes can't never lie.'
26 August 2017
A famosa, Malacca

This is me moving on. This is me accepting the ache of missing you. This is me waking up every single day and tackling the street corners we walked upon, the corner coffee shops we ate at, the sheets we wrapped ourselves in at night. This is me waking up every single day, aware of what is missing, but accepting of the fact that this is my life now, that this is the way things are going to be. This is me understanding that it is okay to have my heartbeat speak your name. This is me understanding that it is okay to miss someone who was once such a staple in my life. But this is also me understanding that life does go on. That one day I will hear the songs and smile, I will sleep in the sheets and they will no longer smell like you; one day I will fall in love again, one day I will look back on this and my hands will not shake with the heaviness of it all.

This is me moving on. This is me accepting the fact that we will no longer make memories together. This is me coming to terms with the reality of a future without you. This is me understanding that you will do everything we had ever spoken about — you will live a life you are proud of, you will become the person you told me you hoped you could be, you will take the trips, you will experience all of the things you wanted to experience, you will love — deeply, and wholly and with every inch of your patchwork heart, but all of that will happen without me by your side.

This is me moving on. This is me accepting that you will, as well. This is me coming to terms with the fact that someone else is going to fall in love with your light, that someone else is going to be your biggest fan. This is me hoping that you will find the love you deserve. This me me hoping that you will find someone who inspires you and moves you and appreciates every stunning thing you are. This is me hoping that you find someone who stirs the deepest parts of your being, someone who is both your safe place and your biggest adventure. This is me hoping that you are happy, truly happy, one day.

This is me moving on. This is me accepting that sometimes beautiful things end. This is me understanding that there is nothing I can say, or do, to fix that. This is me coming to terms with the fact that sometimes leaving is an act of love, too. That sometimes you have to walk away from something soft and hauntingly real, that sometimes hearts don’t align. But this is me accepting that endings don’t have to be messy. This is me understanding how incredible it really is — that for a moment in time, in a world of billions, two strangers were in the right place, at the right time, and something transpired between them. This is my heart swelling with the thought — that at one point in time, we were the lucky ones. At one point in time, we beat the odds.

P/s: Dont easily decided to fall in love, unless you have think about it for a thousand times. 
Because heart break does hurt. 

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Loving can hurt.

Make me laugh. Again. 

Loving can hurt. Loving can hurt sometimes. 
But its the only thing that I know. 

I never thought that loving someone can really hurt as bad as this. 
Never in my life I thought that I already found someone that fit me
Perfectly as pieces of puzzle complete each other. 
I never thought that I'll love someone as deeply as this. 
To stay with someone till we grey and old. 
I never thought that I'll lost you one day. 
Never in my life. 

And finally all of these had come to an end. 
And I'm lost in my own world. 
Sinking deep. 

Only someone who can dive deep to the bottom of the ocean can find me. 

Friday, 14 April 2017

Yearly post

Early Hannah and Lana Birthday Party
8 april 2017


Dear all, 
Seems like i'm doing a yearly post nowadays. 
I forgot how writing had been helping me and calming me down previously. 
It help me to express my feeling. and I think, not many people knew about my blog. 
So, I'm able to write freely. 

Its been a year since I start working. Exactly 4th April 2016, I started working as a houseman. Not a functioning houseman initially. Its took some time to become a functioning houseman. If you know what I meant. Still adapting. Oh, night shift tonite at o&g department. Hope everything goes well. 

I feel like I'm losing myself. Where is the old me? The fun me? The enthusiastic me? The now me is like living but without really living. Zombie maybe? Haha. But true enough. I have been going to work according to the shifts given, went back home, and sleep. The routine goes on. 

I need something to get me back to life! 
I need adrenaline rush. I need something for me to look forward to. 
I need a vacay. 
I need you, but you always been so busy. 

Right now, i'm just glad for having my family member around. 
If i'm living alone. Maybe I'll look like a zombie rite now. 

Lots of love, 
26 years old malay lady.