Saturday, 18 June 2016

Life Bumps

dan salam sejahtera...

Its been a while since I do some writing here. A lot of past travelling history, but havent documented it yet. Hurm. Life nowadays is hard. Being a doctor is a challenge. I dont know whether I can cope with it or not. Trying so hard. Until I feel like - not to try anymore. Everyday I felt like quitting this game of life. 

To read or not to read. There's off day. Once a week. But I always and always use it to have some fun. End up during the night, I fell asleep and not reading any books. And getting scold the next day because not knowing anything. My fault. Too much enjoying my offday. 

Family. All I need is their support. Not criticism. Not judgement. Not high hope. I'm struggling here. Please understand. 

Its Ramadhan. And I havent really been a good muslim during this festive month. 

Now, I dont think I know who I am anymore. I'm lost. Lost in this busy life. Lost in this hectic life. Lost in this miserable life. Lost in this complicated life. 

I wish I can just fly away and run away from this life. 

Yours Truly. 
Writer of this blog.


  1. Next week kite keluar okay winkss

  2. Hope you getting over and thru it, believe soon you'll enjoy life and not even remember this moment. In the meantime take care, pause and breathe and listen to your breathing. Salam ramadhan

  3. kak Hajar i hope you will do great. Ramadhan Kareem =)

  4. Tagging period is d most hectic day in doctor's life.. Tirah kat medical now and feel suffocated each time i step into d ward

  5. Hi kak, idk why suddenly you came across my mind. 'Chayok' in struggling your housemanship!

  6. It has been awhile. Lamanya tak update blog. Hee. Hope you are doing good. Happy New Year~


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