Saturday, 18 June 2016

Life Bumps

dan salam sejahtera...

Its been a while since I do some writing here. A lot of past travelling history, but havent documented it yet. Hurm. Life nowadays is hard. Being a doctor is a challenge. I dont know whether I can cope with it or not. Trying so hard. Until I feel like - not to try anymore. Everyday I felt like quitting this game of life. 

To read or not to read. There's off day. Once a week. But I always and always use it to have some fun. End up during the night, I fell asleep and not reading any books. And getting scold the next day because not knowing anything. My fault. Too much enjoying my offday. 

Family. All I need is their support. Not criticism. Not judgement. Not high hope. I'm struggling here. Please understand. 

Its Ramadhan. And I havent really been a good muslim during this festive month. 

Now, I dont think I know who I am anymore. I'm lost. Lost in this busy life. Lost in this hectic life. Lost in this miserable life. Lost in this complicated life. 

I wish I can just fly away and run away from this life. 

Yours Truly. 
Writer of this blog.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Few last days in Nizhny Novgorod

Dr. Siti Hajar M.D. (NNSMA)
dan salam sejahtera...
If you guys have been following my blog as before, I did wrote few posts regarding how I spent my last few days in Nizhny. I want to make it as memorable as possible. This is the place I grew up. From a teenager to a woman. Literally I mean. From 18 years old till 24 years old. This is my story...
Nizhny Novgorod. A city in Russia located about 500 km north-east from Moscow. A city used to be called Gorky - the name of the famous poet and writer, Maksim Gorky. A city I used to live. A city I whereby I started to learn about life. Being strong is a criteria that we need to build in order to live in Russia. The weather. The people. The perceptions. The truth and lies. It what make me who I am today. 
So, this was how I spent my last three days in Nizhny before going back for good. It was on 12th July 2015. There was a photography session held by Bashir and Ameerul. Luckily for us, they worked as a professional photographer. Trying to make it perfect with whatever we had. Look at the background of the picture below! Hehe. Now you understand what I mean. 
Bashirushdan taking photo of Seong. While others standing waiting for their turn.
Taraaaa. Laksa sarawak riched with flavours!
At the same day, my overly attached groupmates spending the last 'makan-makan' for our group. It was Laksa Sarawak day! Since Jona, Karen and I had so much paste that we needed to finish before going back, we made the laksa full with flavours. Most of us were going back in few days time. So, there's a lot of chicken, prawn, mee hun to eat. Yummy!
The next day, I have only 24 hours left before my flight. So, what should I do? Spending time at the shopping mall won't make it interesting as there'll be a lot more shopping mall in Malaysia. I decided to take my last walk through The Walking Road - Balshaya Pakrovskaya with Farahin. We walked together, snapping pictures, enjoying the view and walk back home. But I did dropped by the post office to buy a parcel box to post back home. 
Altogether, I posted around 6 or 7 of 10 kg parcels back home. When it reached home, I dont even know where to put all my stuffs! What am I suppose to do? All of them have sentimental value to me. But no worries fellow friends, all of them already kept safe in my closet today. Hooray!
Last picture at The Walking Street. Look, there's a van behind me!
Parcels to be send home. Hey, not all of these were mine! It's Shahan and Amir's too.
Apart from that, my roomate and I wanted to eat the Squid Ink Spagetti and cheesecake for the last time at Biblioteka (The Library Restaurant). Suddenly my lecturer, Anton Vladimirovic gave me a called. If you remember, I did met him in my last post. He was in town and he wanted to meet me for dinner after he completed the surgery for the chief of surgeon big toes. He is a trauma surgeon. 
So, we decided to meet there, at biblioteka. Turned out, there's a lot of my batchmates were going there too to enjoy 'buka puasa' together. So, we ate till the restaurant was closed and he sent me and Aini back home. He is a great surgeon though.
Meet my lecturer, Anton.
The strong yet kind makcik guard for our hostel.
The next day, it was 14th July 2015. My flight from Nizhny to Moscow was early in the morning. Around 7 am, so I needed to be there much earlier. I decided to take a taxi at 5 am. Lucky for me, I had a very nice makcik guard to open the hostel door early in the morning. Yup. There are many women guards in Russia. It shows that women are strong as well as men. 
Alhamdulillah. I have a very great friends who wanted to send me off down at the hostel, and to the airport. Thank you all for waking up just to send me off. Really appreaciated all the efforts you guys made for me. A special thanks to Adila, Farahin, and Karen for sending me off at the airport. It was sweet of you girlfriends! Miss you girls already.
Nabilah, Aini, Arinie, Aqilah, Atirah, Seong, and Bashir. 
At the Nizhny Airport....

That's all for now
Thank you for readin'

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Our Journey Begins here…

Beloved Groupmates
Autumn photoshoot September 2014

dan salam sejahtera...
So, after 8 months of unemployment, all of us managed to start our working life in one and half months time. That'll be in April insyaAllah if there's nothing wrong with the system. Even Adila already start working this week. Good luck girl! The rest of us will start soon. 
There's a lot of things to do this one month and half. One of it is to update all my story while travelling and while living in Russia. I wanted to remember all these memories and I dont want it to fade away. Reading it back will be such a joy for me. Below is the article written by me and published during our graduation day. 
Our Journey Begins here…
By: Siti Hajar Mohammad Farid (631M)
11th June 2015 – At this moment, we just finished our second GOST examination – Pediatrics. There’s three more paper left for us to finish. Three more papers before we start our life somewhere in the world. Just name it – Malaysia, Cameroon, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and much more. It’s begin here. In Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy, Russia. 
FRIENDSHIP. That’s what we learn throughout our students’ life. It was meaningful. Some genius people once said that – ‘If you make friends with people more than 6 years, they’ll be your friend for a lifetime’. Thus, we are here to prove it right. 
HARDSHIP. The examinations! Oh my God. I still remember the first time I took the Chemistry Examination paper here. It was totally different from the system in Malaysia. We needed to answer orally to the lecturer, whereas all this while we were trained to answer everything on sheets of paper. The nervousness, the adrenaline rush, the battle one-to-one with the lecturers were unforgettable. Yet, we survived!
EXPERIENCE. Learning Russian cultures from the Pro! Our Russian language lecturers always expose us to their culture. Bring us to see the ballet shows, the circus, and the zoopark. Even some of the lecturers cooked Beetroot Soup (Borsh) for the students to give us the chance to be like a Russian. It was a splendid experience. 
KNOWLEDGE. The knowledge pass down to us from the great lecturers! The famous endocrinologists, cardiologists, surgeons, and physicians in the Nizhny Novgorod region were there to teach us. It was a blessing for us to learn from the specialists. 
Here, I would like to express our gratitude to the Rector, the Deans, the lecturers and all the managing team of this academy (NNSMA). Our journey begins here. A journey to become excellent doctors….
(Batch 2015)
Front page of the brochure. 
Aweis was on the front page and all of us was like - WHAT? 
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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Am I?

Old West, A Famosa Resort.
27 October 2015
"We’re a scared generation – scared to fall in love, scared to commit, scared to fall, scared to get hurt, scared to get our hearts broken. We don’t allow anyone in, nor do we step out and love anyone unconditionally. We lurk from behind walls we’ve created ourselves, looking for love and running away the moment we really find it. We suddenly ‘cannot handle it’. We don’t want to be vulnerable. We don’t want to bare our soul to anyone. We’re too guarded."
Am I? I think yes. It describes me a lot.  

From article:
Why Modern Relationships Are Falling Apart So Easily Today