Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Post SPA interview

Persisiran Pantai Klebang
27 October 2015
Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera...
So, I passed my interview! 
Okay. This post was supposed to be up just right after my interview on 26th November 2015 at SPA Jalan Cenderasari. But now, its already a month after. Procrastination, or lacking of ideas? Combine both leading to this. And now, while watching The Lizzie McGuire Movie at Fox Family Movies and waiting for the clothes to be done washing inside the washing machine, lets write something.
Okay people! New year in 7 days time. Last year resolutions are still way behind! What to do? A lot of posts, travelling memories haven't been post. Maybe its time to open all the memories and go through all the pictures and write my blog all day long. Yup. Should do that.

Also, exercise! My body is too weak to handle anything. Low metabolism. Maybe can subscribe to the gym for a month. So, that I wont waste any penny if I don't go for exercise. Good Idea!

What else? Travel. I love to travel. Need to start planning next trip with whoever is free. Or else, need to go for solo travel. I want to travel to a lot of places before starting Houseman. The most hectic life ever. Need to make full use of my free time.

Also, volunteering. A lot of people in this world need help. Maybe I can be a good help to others.
Okay. Enough planning. Lets do this :)

So, how about your resolutions? ^_^


  1. dah ade kat msia.. congrats dear doctor to be.. >_<

  2. Congrats Hajar!

    Kita pun baru tengok The Lizzy McGuire Movie at Fox Family Movies :D

    1. favourite movie time teenager! best sangat :D

  3. azam tahun baru kita ialah menunaikan azam tahun 2015 hahaha

  4. just read ur comment. aku baru lps makan laksa. okay maybe kene rajinkan jugak diri update blog lol

    1. btw cantik layout blog kau. buatkan aku jugak plish hahaha

    2. tak buat sendiri la sisturrrr. tempah je. hehe

  5. awak dah jadi doctor ke?goodluck on yor passion.hehehhehe


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