Friday, 10 July 2015

5 Days Before Back for Good

7th July 2015
Park Shvetsari, Nizhny Novgorod.

dan salam sejahtera...

Same old things. Counting days to go back home. So, from now on, I'll keep updating most of the things that I managed to do before going back home. Nothing much. Just for me to keep as memories. Most of the posts will be full with pictures that I wanna remember, since posting photos in instagram will be too much.
First. What did I do today? Its thursday. The post office only opened at 1100, so, I decided to do some packing and send one more parcel today. There goes my morning - packing and sending my parcel to the post office. All together was 12.308kg of books, clothes, cutlery, and small miscellaneous stuff. 
For your information, I send my parcel through Russian Post. It cost me around 190 rubles (RM16) per kilogram. So, for today I spent about 2260 rubles (RM175) for one box of stuff. Quite expensive actually, but there's a lot of sentimental value in everything that I just sent. Nevertheless, it cost more in my heart. Ceewaah. 
Walking through this road covered by nature. The pavement is about 4km long.

How the trees were planted in row. It was much more beautiful if you look at it with your own eyes.

In the evening, luckily Farahin and Esya invited me to tag along to go to the park. Enjoying the view for one of the last time. The park that located just in front of our hostel. It was peaceful as always. Love the scenery, the fresh air, and most of everything about it. 
Before reached the spot where we could sit and enjoy the breath taking view of Volga River, we first must walk across the road above. Covered with nature. Only some beam of sunlight could pass through the forest. This was where we usually went for a jog in morning or evening. In morning is better because the sun will be on the other side. 
Jogging in the evening, we will be facing the sunlight. But during Ramadhan, havent been jogging for a while. Nearly a month already. Missing it! The rush, the sweat, the happy feeling of healthy after it. So, pictures below are the view after about 5-10 minutes walk through the forest. 

Nearly arrived at the sitting spot. You can see the river from here. 

Enjoying the view. The Volga River.

Esya, me and Farahin. Esya can't open her eyes because of the sunlight. Teheee.

There's also a restaurant/cafe in the middle of this park. Never try it before.

We sat there for nearly an hour. Just to enjoy the view for the last time. Talking about the future. When we will meet again, having this chance to meet up. The working life, the stress that we will face, the place that we will go to release it. The time had come, for us to start living the real life. The world is waiting for us. 
At the park, there's also small theme park. Just for the kids. Some rides also for the adults, but the time was limited. Don't really have time to play today. Saturday maybe. Wanna try something different there. The bicycle rides and the games there.
The Pocahontas hut. The kid was enjoying the ride. 
It cost about 100 rubles (RM8) for 2 rounds.

Then, today I went for iftar with my room mate - Aini Izzati. We decided to go to Sovok, a noodles shop. This was my first time to try the noodles. I went there before to try the waffles, it was very nice! So, today I tried the noodles. Delicious and the portion was super duper big. Or maybe my stomach was already full with the waffles? 
The watermelon juice was refreshing. It was all I need after the long fasting from 0200 till 2052. Yup, here we fast till 8.52 pm. But I was glad with it, compare to at St Petersburg till 10.30 pm. I asked Aini which noodle is the best - she said she always take the green one. Then, I choose the same one. The greenish like cendol noodles. Hehe. But it tasted nice okay, Nothing like cendol at all. And its home-made noodles.

My iftar for today. Waffles with berry sauce and watermelon juice.

The greeny vegee seafood noodle. 

P/s: Thinking of doing a giveaway from Nizhny - fridge magnets for a gift. What do you think? and will you join?
That's all for now
Thank you for reading
-Schajar Mcflurry-


  1. sukanya tengok view tuu! nak fridge magnet from Nizhny please :p

  2. nak FM jugakkk :D kat tmpt hajar, ada buat yg hantar barang balik in kontena tak? I heard, it is more cheaper than hantar by post. :D tapi rasanya by post pun okay je kot, wanna know, hantar by sea from czech to malaysia lagi laju banding by sea from msia to czech. padahal czech takde laut kot. :D

    1. Serious? Much more efficient system maybe. Takde buat kontena. Semua parcel. Ada airmail jugak, but a bit expensive that by sea.

  3. cantiknya tempat kat situ !! waffle pun nampak sedap sangat sebab tengah puasa. heheee
    buatlah GA =)

  4. Oke. Kalau ramai nak GA, kena beli FM ni sebelum BFG :)

  5. Kenapa tak ship pakai kontena? Dengar kata lagi murah. By the way, itu je barang yang Hajar hantar balik Malaysia? Macam sikit je.


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