Friday, 5 June 2015

Barbecue Batch MD 2015

23rd May 2015
Lake... I cant remember. Its more like a park and lake.

dan salam sejahtera...

Its been so long since I write about life here in Nizhny. So, now its all about few final chapter of my life as a student here in Russia. Last two weeks, it was quite a drastic decision for the whole batch, around 50 people, to organize a barbecue together at the lake nearby. It wasn't too near actually, around 15-20 minutes walk. But, I just took the taxi to bring me there. Just 5 minutes or less. 

We already divided the job lists between each of us. My work on that day was to make desserts. Aini, Wawa, Kailin and me decided to make 'Kek Batik'. Easy, cheap, and super duper delicious! Especially using Wawa's recipe. We made it the night before, and cut it to pieces on the morning. 

Weather forecast said that it'll rain at 2 oclock in evening. We started around 12 oclock. Luckily it only rains when we already finished eating and barbecuing. Only the guys did the barbecuing. The girls prepared the food, having some activity, and so on. 

 Sitting around leisurely. Having the bonding time together. 

 Bobby the rabbit. Can you see him?

There's Bobby. Kai lin's rabbit. We borrowed it from her and walk around the lake. Guess what, Bobby ate the flower! Haha. Rabbits are herbivore, they do eat anything? The weather was just perfect, Alhamdulillah. It was a very nice last bbq with them. After this, Ramadhan will come. Yup. Ramadhan during summer. It'll be 19 hours of fasting! 

Can't imagine. Never experience it before., and now for solid one months. Can we survive? InsyaAllah. Subuh at 1.45 am, study, sleep, wake up,  study, and its already time to break fast around 9.30 pm. 

Maresmawians in action. 
Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Langkawi.

 Now, Bobby was playing hide-and-seek. 
Amirah and me. 

While they're preparing the food, we managed to take last picture with the flowers during spring. It was beautiful. The lake behind us. Just perfect location to snap some pictures. Oh, on that day, I managed to make my own flower crown! So happy. 

Just using the branches of tree and grass to tight it up. Make a circle that fit my head and decorated it with the flowers. I can take as much flowers as I want because there's thousands of them. So glad. I'm lovin' it. So, that's all the memory I want to cherish during that day. Reading back this post one day later will make me smile.

Cherish the moment. 
Don't wait for miracles to happen. Make miracles happen.

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  1. 19 hours fasting? Cant imagine how to survive. Malam tadi kitorang baru buat kek batik jugak. Sedap3. Btw, love your crown :)

    P/s: mana ada kad jemputan lololol

  2. Love all the pictures! Glad you are enjoying your life right now :)

  3. okay nak update blog jug camni. banyak giler tertangguh lol

  4. ohooiii syoknya haaa mesti angin sepoi2 bahasa kan. syahdu je haaa

  5. Salam perkenalan:)
    ada masa boleh tengok2 blog saya..
    saya budak baru belajar:)

  6. Lamanya dik 19 jam..kuatkan semangat! Insyaallah dipermudahkan.....

  7. wahhh hajar dekat sana puasa lebih lama lagi dari kita... semoga gagah hajar.... :D selalunya kita study tido, study tido, tahu2 dah waktuh buka...heheheheh :D insyaAllah stay strong girl :D


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