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Travelogue: Riga, Latvia.

30th January 2014
Small Flight to Riga, Latvia. 

dan salam sejahtera...

Finished already my winter trip and semester break. Everything went well, Alhamdulillah. Now I would like to share some of the memorable moments I experienced during my trip. It was a nice trip. I enjoyed it very much. This year, I went for the holiday with my batchmate girlfriends - Fakhirah, Liyana Taufik, and Amirah Farhanah. 

From Nizhny to Moscow, we decided to go by train, since it much more cheaper than flight, but of course, time consuming. The train left Nizhny at 11.25 pm reaching Moscow 6.10 am. Lucky for all of us, we got a 2nd class Bagon of the train (купе). It was super duper comfortable sleeping train with a door for the four beds. More like a room for us. 

Sleeping train to Moscow with four beds for us. 
Our journey started here.

Riga, Latvia. I bet most of us never heard of the city before rite? Yup, me too. The city is actually belong to Russian Federation long time ago. But after World War, it was separated. Eh ye ke? Hopefully I'm rite. I only knew this city because we decided to take Air Baltic to Stockholm. The transit location for Air Baltic airlines is this city. 

Just a short trip, because its a transit for our flight to Stockholm, Sweden. Flight touchdown around 2.45 evening, so we only have the evening and night to explore the city. The next morning, was already our next flight. The expenses there is not so expensive. I left my bag in the luggage storage at the airport for 1.50 Euro for 8 hours. Even the bus to-and-fro the city just cost for 1.20 Euro.

So, here we go....
Riga Central Market.
-20 degree celcius and trying to bear with it.

Riga Central Market. The first stop. Trying to catch up with the time, because we left the airport around 4pm, the market closed around 6pm. When we reached there, the market was still opened. There are five pavilions of the market, which represent five different parts of the market. Basically, its like pasar pagi or pasar malam or рынак with a lot of fresh stuff. 

5 pavilions - Fruits & Vegetables, Fish & Meat, Dairy products, and I couldn't remember another two pavilions. There's a pathway inside the market which connects the pavilions together. The vege and fruits are fresh, also the fish, meat, and chicken. There's cheese everywhere. 

In the dairy product pavilion. 

Say cheese... A lot and lot of cheese. 

One of the  stall there in the fruit and vegetables pavilion. 

Actually, we were looking for bakeries or stall which sell doughnuts in the market, because our friend mentioned that the doughnuts there are delicious. But we couldn't find any stall like that. So, to try the local cuisines, I bought fruits tart and chocolate biscuits with walnut. Nice. But I think it is also sell in Russia. 

Chocolate biscuit with walnut covered with caramel.

The language that they use are Latvian and Russian. Its an advantage for us because we knew Russian language. Its easy to buy stuffs there. The currency they use is Euro, starting 1st January 2014. Before this, they use their own currency - Lat. The shops here still accept Lat though, because the Euro is still newly implemented for one month. 

When we left the Central Market, its already dark outside. It was a very cold day. Winter holiday was supposed to be a trip to escape the harsh Russian winter -30 degree celcius. Turned out, we were travelling at Riga with temperature -20 degree. 

During the night, the temperature became lower. We walked around the city and had a pit-stop at souvenir shops to warm up our bodies before the next walk. Lucky for us, we decided to wear the thick winter jacket or baju belon, because if we didn't wear it, we couldn't face the temperature here. 

Stockmann Deli Cafe.
Four of us. From left: Me, Kirah, Yana and Mirah. 

Glow taxi. But who would take this open taxi in the cold winter?

Walking through the souvenir shops in the city. 

Basically, the trip was too short to explore all the city. Just six hours trip in Riga. We took the bus to airport around 9 pm, although the last bus was around 12 am because its dangerous for us to walk around the city in the middle of the night. We bought some breakfast for tomorrow and sleep at the Riga airport during the night. Next stop: Stockholm, Sweden. 

That's all for now
Thank you for readin'


  1. Haaaaaaaaaa, beautiful pictures <3
    Totally love the blue sky! *yes, I am a sucker for blue sky*

    Berapa lama transit dekat Latvia?
    By the way, is it risky to explore the city if I only have 9 hours?

    1. Farah, I transit at Latvia around 16 hours. Kira lama juga la, tu yang boleh keluar.
      Depend on which city you want to explore and the distance between airport and the city. For eg, Riga. You need a bus ride 30-40 minute to the city. So, at least 1 hour or more for the journey to-and-fro. Plus the time taken at the imigresen to check passport and everything, up to one hour. Also the time needed to be at the airport before next departure.

      So, need to count every minute :)

    2. Thank you Hajar! No wonder boleh explore city. Setengah hari transit.

      Hari tu masa nak balik Canada, transit dekat Jepun 9 jam. Sebab takut tertinggal flight, duduk je dekat airport tu 9 jam. Buang masa tengok Running Man instead of exploring Japan ._.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I have never try the sleeping train before and i doubt if there is any here but your journey sounds so incredibly exciting. Can't wait for you future post on the next stop :D

  3. daebak... seronok giler jalan2 mcm nie... Besar nye chocolate biscuit tu.. nape lah tak de kat Msia.. mmg sedap tu...

  4. Aah, tak pernah dengar pun nama city ni. Temperature kt sana -20? How they can surive to live with that cool place eh.

    1. Sejuk! Kena pakai baju berlapis-lapis. Dan minum air panas selalu =)

  5. bestnyerr! part train tu best.siap ade bed lg..=)
    n mcm seronok je jln2 kat supermarket tu . n y plg tertarik dgn glow taxi tu . seronok nyerr ..cantik dia punya taxi . mcm naik beca . hehe . ^_^

    Such an interesting trip . ! =)

  6. The only thing I knew about Latvia is Arsenal once bought a football player from this Latvia country.

    He turned out to be BLOODY USELESS!!

    p.s Good idea. I was thinking to save cost even further whenever I backpack alone, the airport lockers are very useful. Thank you.

    Dia main je pasukan Arsenal akan kalah. haha

  7. even u said it was just too short to explore but its such a beautiful journey :)

    eager to know your next entry ;)

  8. the blue sky... cantik sangat! :)

  9. i'm so jealous with u!!! dapat pergi kat negara orang... perghh, terbaik..
    take care orait :)

  10. kak hajar bestnyaaa ! teringin sgt nak travel begituu .aish aish
    inspired gila kot .ehh btw selamat berkenalann baru follow hehe
    selamat blogwalkinggg :)

  11. best nyerrrrr... akak memang tak penahler dengar nama bandartu..
    tersusunjer pasarnyer yerk..nampak bersih...

  12. Assalamualaikum hajar. subhanallah. bestnya berjalan. hehehhee. terliur tengok Chocolate biscuit with walnut covered with caramel tu.. hihi ^^

  13. Seronoknya berjalan-jalan negara orang, boleh luaskan pengalaman bersama masyarakat negara lain.

  14. Seronok berjalan-jalan kenal tempat orang. Nanti boleh cerita lagi.

  15. jeles nya ! kak dulu pernah ada penpal yang tinggal kat Riga ni la... tapi dah lost contact! sedih nyeeee... dulu kan masa dok kirim2 surat kat dia even post office kita tak tau negara ni ! so kalau nak hantar surat wajib tulis EUROPE di bawah negara Latvia ni.. Bertuah sangat awak boleh jejak kaki kat sini.. Tq for sharing the picture ^_^ sobs sobs nak g jugak Latvia uwaaaaaa

    1. Wah. Banyak pengalaman pen pal ni. Saya tak pernah ada penpal. Tapi, Latvia memang jarang sangat dengar negara ni.

  16. Salam ukhuwah dan salam ziarah dari bunda...

  17. i wish i can go to latvia hehheheh

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  19. BESTNYE! i envy u :(

    singgah2 la sini :)

  20. Alaaa baca psl trip ko mase lapar. Eeee nak biskut tuuuu!

  21. Assalamualaikum.
    First time datang blog ni. Suka baca your travelogue. Bestnyaaa lahaiii !


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