Friday, 20 December 2013

To all Perfume Lovers...

dan salam sejahtera....

Calling to all perfume lovers! The year end sale is here already. Plus, combining with the christmas sale. There's sale everywhere we go. Not to forget, most of the online websites are organizing such a big sale that we couldn't really resist! Arrrrr. its so hard being a shopaholic. 

So, here I would like to introduce one of the online website which organizing such a BIG SALE! Seriously, and the best thing is that, they ship it WORLDWIDE. That's such a good news for us living in Malaysia and Russia, rite? The website is StrawberryNET

What's selling here? Is it only perfume? Nope. There's a lot more. 
  • Skin Care
  • Make Up
  • Women's and Men's Perfume
  • Skin care
  • Men's cologne
  • Gift and Special
  • New product - which sometimes not available yet at the market nearby our place.
Okay. But what's more to for us right now? There's a big sale until 26 DECEMBER 2013. Up to 70%. And most of the perfumes are more than 50% off. How to resist this kind of sale rite? 

Incanto Lovely Flower Eau De Toilette Spray 30ml/1oz
 829.50 Ruble (Around RM82.95) from 1427 ruble 
42 % off

Incanto Heaven Eau De Toilette Spray 50ml/1.7oz
979.00 Ruble (Around RM97.90) from 1957.5 Ruble
50% off

We want more. We want more. We want more! So, StrawberryNet offers more to us. They gave up to 70% on Last Minute Skin Care and Make up Gifts. Plus, all the NEW FRAGRANCE released for christmas 2013 are here too! Just go this website and we will know all the new perfumes! Oh. I'm so in love with the perfumes.

Not to forget, there's a FREE GIFT *while stock last* if you buy anything more than US$25. What are they? Choose from one below.
  • Calvin Klein Lip gloss
  • Lancome colour Focus Pallete
  • Korres Ginger and Vitamins Lightweight Foundation
  • Max Factor Silk Gloss Sheer Frost
IN2U for HER Eau De Toilette Spray 50ml/1.7oz
796.5 Ruble (Around RM79.65) from 1327.5
40% off

Wicked Style Baby Eau De Toilette Spray 30ml/1oz
896 Ruble (Around RM89.60) from 1493.50 Ruble
40% off.

FREE SHIPPING for Skincare, Make Up, Body Lines ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. But all Perfume, Fragrance, Cologne charge 10% of Sales but maximum US$ 15,00. Don't worry, because if you want to get a free shipping for perfumes, you need to buy any skincare, make up or body lines product which are also on SALE rite now! Shipping for major cities: 4 - 6 posting days. Other areas: 7 - 10 posting days

Not to forget, if you buy more, you can SAVE MORE! How can this happen? There's SPECIAL VOLUME DISCOUNTS. For 2 items - 1% discount, 3 items - 2% discounts, and up to 5% off from the total amount. So, you can benefits more if you buy it with your friends and more. 

Hidden Fantasy Set: Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml/3.3oz + Body Souffle 100ml/3.3oz
1194.00 Ruble only! (Around RM119.40)

Radiance Coffret: Eau De Parfum Spray 50ml/1.7oz + Body Souffle 100ml/3.3oz + Edp Roller Ball 10ml/0.33oz
1493 Ruble (Around RM149.30)
Fantasy Twist (Fantasy + Midnight Fantasy) Eau De Parfum Spray 2x50ml/1.7oz
1792 Ruble (Around RM179.20)

Most of the perfumes above is randomly selected by me. In my wishlist is the Britney Spears Fantasy Twist but it got only 9% off. Waiting for the price to drop a bit and I'm gonna buy it. The twist type released last year, but the perfumes itself already released a long time ago. I just love the sweet smell of it. 

Oh. Plus, I got around four perfumes which haven't finish yet. I love to have different kind of perfumes because I wear it according to my mood. There's one perfume with sweet smell, another with sophisticated smell. I also wear it according to the attire I wear on that particular day.

Pefume Reviews by me:
  • Echo by Davidoff - The scent is so intense. Long lasting from morning till night. Suitable for sophisticated attire, working in the office, casual wear. 
  • Be Delicious by DKNY - The scent is not too sweet, and people say it is suitable for both women and men. Smell of green apple. 
  • Be Delicious Fresh Blossom by DKNY - Sweet scent. Smell of red apple and cherry. Feeling lovely wearing this perfume. Feminine and will cheer your day.
  • Flora by Gucci - I left this perfume in Malaysia. Floral scent, compare to fruit smell by DKNY. Sweet smell. Long lasting. 
  • Black Peony by Zara - Finished already! Its for casual wear. But most of Zara perfumes aren't long lasting. It'll stay from morning till afternoon. The smell fade away in evening. 
That's all for now. 
Don't forget to drop by the website

P/s: What type of perfumes do you wear and you like most? ^_^


  1. Haa, rasanya saya bukan seorang perfume lover, tapi giler lah sale dia. Murah3

    1. Murah kan Teena! Rasa macam nak beli banyak tapi tak terpakai pulak nanti. Wuwu. Jangan membazir ye wahai diri sendri ^_^

  2. weeeeee... murah2.. memang berniat nak beli pon perfume baru,., boleh cuba usha2 kat sini la

    1. Boleh3! Dipersilakan sangat2. Banyak lagi make up, shampoo dan macam2 lagi.

  3. akk ni tak pandai sopping online... nak kene usik2 test2 ...hheee

    tapi mmg suka perfume

  4. Replies
    1. Tak, perfume lelaki pun banyak tengah Sale sekarang. Christmas sale! ^_^

  5. saya tak thn bau minyak wangi ... phening !

  6. hajaarrrr hantu perfume jugak ke? aku rasa normal lah kot untuk pempuan. ehehh. aku suka perfume testing. kat russia puas hati sebab murah ^.^.

    weirdly, Im more into women perfumes especially by escada and gucci with vanilla, other sweet perfume bases. :D

    1. Wanginya! Sedapppp. Tapi sekarang tengah cari perfume yang sweet tapi flowery base. Yang fruity2 ni dah ade yang DKNY.

  7. oh gosh....salvatore ferragamore...murahnya kat sana....psttttt...boleh belikan x....hehehehe....

    1. Ini semua beli online je. Boleh tengok dekat website tu. Banyak lagi perfume best dan okay harganya. Postage pun worldwide tapi kalau perfume ade charge tambahan sikit ^_^

  8. harga dia murah la... Fiza mmg suke sgt perfume.. hari2 pakai lain2 bau.. >_<

  9. samalah wani pun suka beli dekat sini.. murah dan service dia pun bagus, nice entry dear ;)

  10. wiit wiit ... lama tak ke sini ... wahh perfumeee .... kami baru beli perfume jugakk.. hidup biarlah rasa wangi barulah bersemangat ... !! :3

  11. salam..
    Peserta segmen i will follow you by syira lokman :)
    please like my new page
    page lama iaitu "pabila 2 blogger bergabung" akan didelete atas sbb tertentu :)
    Nama pemenang akan diumumkan pada hari selasa minggu hadapan :)
    Terima kasih !

  12. Salam blogwalking dari segmen "i will follow you by syira lokman".. ngeeeew done follow ~

    Jemputlah singgah ke blog jika kesudian :)

  13. Wahhh harganya berpatutan dah tu..hehe


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