Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Personality Disorder.

AidilAdha celebration in Nizhny.

My psychiatrist teacher said that its normal for a person to have personality disorder. Some of her friends also have the personality disorder. Its a personality of the person. 

Personality: Daily behavior and emotional state of person, that in time can be predicted by people around us. 

The thing is. Am I really having personality disorder? Is it really that I have a personality that are just not the same as other people? I wonder what define normal personality. Does all of my friends have normal personality? Paranoid? Maybe...
Histrionic. Dependent. Obsessive Compulsive. Avoidant. 

Nota hari ini: Finish with psychiatry cycle. Pengalaman baru di hospital orang sakit mental di Russia. Kene pegang kepala dengan pakcik tua. Plus, kene lepas 3 pintu baru dapat masuk wad. Tu belum campur pintu untuk setiap bilik. 

Nota hari-hari: Oh ya. Kalau betul pun ada personality disorder, I'm okay with it. Well, its me. From day to day, I will be a better me. 

Nota hari esok: Cycle trauma! Selamat malam dunia ;)

*While looking for this song, unconditionally by katy perry on youtube, accidently I found a movie Unconditional. Its is an inspiring movie. Try to watch it, and you'll know what I mean. 


  1. Unconditionally ..
    i also have personality disorder ,,

  2. bytheway i love your baju raya, weeeeeeeeeeee

  3. I think I dont have any personality. Macam mana pulak tu? Haha


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