Thursday, 10 October 2013

Father And Daughters Bonding Time...

1st Syawal with my dad at my daddy's dad home.
If you know what I mean. 

dan salam sejahtera...

Oke. Jangan konfius. Saya sekarang dah pulang ke bumi Soviet, tapi untuk beberapa post akan datang, saya akan menulis tentang cuti musim panas yang tak sempat-sempat nak di update sewaktu di Malaysia kerana saya rasa ia sangat berharga untuk dicatat di sini. Sebagai kenangan yang indah untuk dibaca di kemudian hari. 

Last summer had brought a lot of joy and fun in my life. It can't be described by thousand or million of words, but it meant a lot to me. Family bonding time. Friends loving time. And I can't believe I said this, pet bonding time. There's one cat I missed. I named it 'Toothless' from the movie 'How to train your dragon' because it's black just the same as the dragon. And my lil sister called it Toothpaste. Heh. =.=''. 

Birthday celebration at home with family. 
My dad wore the tshirt I bought for him from Moscow!

Above all, I really appreciated what my family did for me for this past two months,especially my dad. They supported every single things that I wanna do and I did it! I'm touched when my dad said that he took 5 days annual leaves (holiday) from his work, and gave the calendar to me to pick up the dates when he should take the holiday so that he could spend more time with me. *melting*. 

So, I chose the date that I wanna fly back to Russia, the date when my lil sister took her report card so that we can have fun together-gehter, and certain dates when I'm not in a date with my friends. The first day, we went to Sunway Pyramid for ice skating! You know how much I love ice skating. I can skate from morning till nite. Plus my sister wanna try her new birthday present Ice skating shoes I bought from Russia.

We spent the morning in the skating rink. My father didn't skate because we're scared if he fall down and something bad might happened to him. He skated when he was young and he used to bring me skating since I'm 9 years old. And he skated better than me! Seriously, he did all the jumping stuff where as I haven't managed to get that skill just yet. 

My dad and my sister...

My sister and her new skating shoes!
I miss how my dad used to tie our skating shoes' laces when we're young.


Then, my father just waited for us outside the skating rink, while playing the games in my phone. I asked him to go around Sunway Pyramid and go for shopping, but he just want to sit there and wait for us. Thank you dad. Love you. In the evening, we went to Aeon Alpha Angle. We got our faces drawn by cartoonist and put the picture in our room. 

The painter drawing Sarah's face. 
And other painter drawing mine while I'm taking this picture. 

The other days, we went to Cosmo World, flying Cessna, and even the day before I fly back, my dad took us to his friend's restaurant to enjoy the dinner together. To tell everything that he did for me, an entry is not enough for it. There's just a lot. All I can say is that, I appreciate everything that he did to me. 

Thank you dad for...
  • supporting me in everything that I wanna do (except bungee jumping). 
  • showing me the world from different perspective.
  • giving me permission to go out whenever I want, as long as we kept in touch. 
  • taking care of me. I know how often you GPRS my location using maxis line whenever I'm out with my friends because whenever I'm away from the destination I'm supposed to be, you'll be calling me. When I'm lost driving in the middle of city, when I'm suppose to go to Midvalley instead of Alamanda and much more. 
  • raising me. To give me some pressure, so that I can give the best out of myself and be someone useful to the world.
  • taking 5 days off work. I know how workaholic you are. 
  • taking time-off in the morning from work so that we can go eat roti canai and roti telur bawang together. 
  • waiting for me and my sister while we are skating. And bring us wherever we wanna go.
  • cancelling your dentist appointment, because I haven't finish buying my stuff to russia.
Thank you for just being my dad, my friend, my love, and my everything. 
You're the best dad in town! 

Cosmo world with beloved family.  

 Flying a Cessna!

Late nite dinner near Wangsa Walk a day before I fly back... 

That's all for now
Thank you for readin'


Kalau ada salah silap, Jangan segan silu untuk tegur.
Kalau ada terkasar bahasa, Ampun maaf di pinta.
Saya juga manusia biasa seperti anda.