Saturday, 25 May 2013

Hijab and Muhaajaba.

Proud to be muslimah...

dan salam sejahtera... 

This is a reminder for me. For you. For all the women outside there. And yet, also a contest held by Aishah Amin. Often, we forgot and keep forgetting about things that women love. We love fashion. We love being beauty. But, we forget or decide to ignore the GUIDELINES given to us about being fashionable.

I was taken by the words written by the author of the blog - The Hijab Diaries.

'Today we see too many Muslim women on the net who claim to be 'Hijabis' or I believe the more accurate term would be Muhaajaba (women that wear the hijab). Unfortunately, a lot of us think that hijab only means 'headscarf', 'shawl', 'tudung' or in other words to cover one's hair.'

'I want all girls to know that Hijab is a sign of dignity and respect. It should be seen as a way of showing our devotion towards Allah s.w.t. Just like we struggle to perfect our solah to attain His Mercy and Rahmah and bring us closer to him, so does wearing hijab. Hijab doesn't just stop at how you dress, but the manner in which you carry yourself, your demeanor.'

'If you present yourself to Allah in the most modest way, you should also extend the same act to how you present yourself to others (true modesty). Your akhlaq and the words you speak, the way you walk, your body language. All of which must be as modest as how you dress in order to not attract anyone's attention but to ultimately gain Allah's pleasure.'

'Physically, Hijab refers to the complete covering of everything except the hands and face in long, loose and non see-through garments. In other words, TO COVER, not TO WRAP.'

'I'm not telling you to clean out your closet, get rid of all your clothes and put a sack on your body, NO. I'm asking you to reflect and really ask yourself, who do I dress for? Is it truly to gain Allah's pleasure? Or is it to satisfy your own materialistic needs?'

'Educate here doesn't mean pointing out how badly they are dressed, but rather to share with them WHY we need to cover properly and not fall into being victims of a fashion-obsessed world. It's not about telling them "I'm better than you, let me teach you how to be a good Muslim".
It's about "Hold my hands, let's be a good Muslim together"

If you want to know more about Hijab, here's the post by Aishah Amin. Take a few minutes and reflect ourselves. It is also a contest ending 31st May 2013. Let's join and spread the words about the Hijab.

Thank you for readin'.
-Schajar Mcflurry-


  1. Assalamualaikum. salam dari mesir, aah sesama student medic lah kita :) just read this entry, and love it. paku cermin depan mata bila reflect, terasa nampak kurangnya diri ini dari segi berhijab. Thank you for posting this. a great reminder :)

  2. terima kasih kerana mengingatkan akak.. salam perkenalan adik.. akak singgah&follow di sini,#747..

  3. Salam ziarah..
    learn a new arabic word today; muhaajaba..

    muhaajaba di Malaysia ni kadang2 lucu.. ada yg pakai tudung, tutup betul tapi pakai t-shirt lengan pendek.. ada yg lagi lucu, siap pakai skirt nampak betis lagi..

    a good shout out to all muhaajaba n muslims out there.. moga kita semua berfikir sebelum memilih pakaian..

  4. assalammualaikum ... hihi ...

    muhaajaba , baru pernah dgr .
    jom jadi muslimah yang betul ...

    sekarang ramai yang berhijab tapi bukan muslimah ...ada ke camtu?err

  5. Eh suka la baca blog awak...very informative...waiting for ur next entry:O

  6. Salam perkenalab.Thank you for doppig by my blog.Saya suka travel sejak belajar di Jepun dulu.InsyaAllah,lepa kawin nanti nak travel sama1 dgn husband :-)

  7. to cover not wrap.actually ayah pun selalu ckp camtu.thank kak hajar..ihiks.

  8. betul ade kebenarannya di situ, ade separuh tu bertudung disebabkan TREND sekarang tanpa memikirkan guideline yang betul. pakai terjah jer. btw its such a great reminder here dear ;) thanks for sharing.

  9. hopefully one day Allah swt will lead me into the right path amin :')

  10. great article...."to cover NOT to wrap, to protect NOT to show off...

  11. pemandangan cantik, tuan dalam gambar pon cantikkk :))


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