Monday, 27 May 2013

BBQ Batch. Awesomeness!

My groupmates!
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dan salam sejahtera...

Last two weeks, we, Batch 2015 Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy decided to have a bbq session at the park. The weather was more than great! Yeah, its summer. Time for bbq, except for now since all of us gonna have exam in 11 days time. Can't really believe that. Talking about exam, I think I wont be able to post any update in the nearest time. Time is my enemy rite now. Grrrr....

Talking about the bbq session. It was awesome! We'd been at the park since 11 in the morning till 5 in the evening. As the time flew away, we didn't realize it's already late in the evening. But don't worry, we did perform our prayer. Zohor prayer end at 6 oclock in the evening. The sunset usually take place around 9 o'clock. Quite late rite? Its summer and it indicates that we are going back Malaysia soon! Can't wait.

While the guys were grilling the chicken and satay...

The Foods.
The foods were super duper delicious! Of course, a lot of carbon was consumed by us on that day. Hehe. The chicken was grilled nicely, the satay make me feel like going back home, the delicious fried rice and fried noodles were more than enough! I brought it back home because its so delicious, plus didn't need to cook for the dinner on that day.

The curry puff, the coleslaw, and the peach-milk jelly. Oh. Forgot to mention, Wawa, Aini, Kalai, Kai Lin and me was given the task to do the jelly. Five person for a jelly. Okay. More than enough I think. We started on that night, decided to do just simple milk jelly. Then, someone said its too simple for five girls. Finally, we just put a peach cocktail in it. It turned out great.
p/s: We did a lot of staring at the jelly in the pot to wait for it to melt.

...The girls were preparing the place to relax and chillax

And do what we are best at. Be in the picture!

While Waiting for the Foods.
A lot of things were done. Just having a good time with batch mates. We rarely have a time to be with the whole batch other than in the lecture hall. We usually just hang out with our group mates which consist of less than ten people in a group. This time, we were there as a batch. Nice!

The weather was nice! Sunny day. While waiting for the foods and waiting for the whole batch to come to the park, some of us were having fun. They were playing volleyball and frisbee. Some of us were taking pictures of every simple things that happened. Well, you can never be in the same time and place again. Capture the moment!

The air mattress being pumped. Okay. Ini memang over tau.
p/s: The view is super duper awesome.

And hang out time while sun bathing.

Some of us playing volley and frisbee. 
Enjoying the sun.

Jiwang karat kejap dengan gitar... 
Oke. Not my guitar. Just took a picture with it.

The Games.
The games were great! Never played most of the games before. Variety of games. Good jobs to the people whose handling the game. We were divided into eight groups. Each group made up of of six people. Firstly, I thought that my team were verily passive. But then, it turned out great. They're cool! We wore green for the teams. Go green! Oh, I wore the same shirt and tudung as Ihsan on that day. Love it! And I personally think, green is the new pink for me. Hehe. 
My green team! Nature lovers...
Bang-bang-bang game!

This was a really dangerous game. But it involved the guys only.
The one who can remove the paper at the back of the person who was being carried, win the game.

The famous 'lempar selipar' game.
Find the flying slipper if you can.

Photo Session.
Our bbq ended with a photo session for the whole batch. All of our batch is around 50 people. We enjoyed a lot of things on that day. We had a great time. Alhamdulillah. May the bond and ukhuwah between us last forever. We'd been through the hardship together for nearly four years. Make it last till the end. InsyaAllah. 

I dont have the picture of all of us together because I was holding my camera at this time.

The ladies in our batch. 

My group mates. 
We are close enough as a family. 
We meet each other every single day except weekends and holiday for four years! 
Crazee rite?

That's all for now.
Thank you for reading.
-Schajar Mcflurry-

Nota hari ini: Alhamdulillah for the avtomat Russian Language. No exam! Dan puasa hari ini berbuka jam 9.33 malam. Mampukah untuk teruskan? Cepatlah masa berlalu.

Nota hari esok: Neurology cycle. Tolong belajar. Exam dah dekat.

Nota hari-hari: Akan update blog dalam jangka masa yang panjang. Perlu sepenuh tumpuan untuk peperiksaan buat masa ini. 


  1. Syok nyer BBQ event wajib biler summer rite lg syok if ramai geng join....all da mesians??
    Tgk menu buat ai terlioq jer ...owh my sateyyyyy ai want some nk bikin malaih la lately uwaaaa.
    Ganbatte ne for ur exam...fighting hajar chan ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

  2. bestnya. if kat malaysia view camni pun i sanggup berbbq tengah2 panas haha. awesome food awesome company right? :)

  3. wahhh bestnyaaaa aktiviti macam niii :)

  4. awatlah pakat dok tayang makan sana sini ...

    kami tengh lapar gak ni ...
    huhuhuhuuh ..

    tapi best kan buat bbq ... kami kat sini bolehlaaa buatlah jugak ... sampai kami sndri tak sempat nak rasa ...

    sadis dan tragis. T.T

  5. best nye.. teringat masa study dulu..
    bile wt gath 1 class.. sgt meriah..
    pna at 1 time buat suprise birtday kt tepi tasik dkt kolej.. really missed that moment T_T
    btw, jemput follow tmpt sy =)

  6. waa.. bestnya barbeque dgn kawan2..

    haiii.. salam kenal.. follower ke 750

    done follow/singgah sini.. jom follow/singgah blog teman.. heee..

    klu minat kucen leh follow blog ni jugak.. =)

  7. heee.... awesome Bbq indeed. hajar ada clone haritu..ngeh3

  8. dah gaya family day..haha
    kak play satu lagu la guna guitar.

  9. bestnye!! nampak happening sangat :)

  10. awesome.. especially yang mattress air pump!! bbq santai habis....

    salam singgah :)

  11. best sekali sekala ada aktvt gini ngan kwn2 kan.masa study la blh join gini,dah keje susah skit..hehe


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