Tuesday, 7 May 2013

An Evening.

Genting's ride? 
Nope. It's Russian's ride.

dan salam sejahtera....

I'd been wanting to take the swing ride since the day I saw it. And I made it! It was fun. And made me feel dizzy of course. It was not there last year. This is the new ride for this year. As for me, who really love theme park, it is a must-do-thing. 

Theme park is where you can really enjoy the time, with your family, friends, and relatives. It is where you can express your feeling and relieve all the burdens you have on your shoulders for a while. Just enjoy the moment. And that what we did on that evening.

The park is located just in front of our hostel. Separated by a road. There's a lot of things you can do here. You can take a walk. Take a ride. Go for a jog. Ride bicycle. Breath the fresh air. Having usrah. Calm your feeling. And much more! 

In this journey in Nizhny, we may have the same aim to become a doctor. But without us realizing it, we have a lot of roads to travel on. Either keep studying, and be in the room all the time. Or keep studying, and just appreciate every moment here, plus involve with the society here. Or keep studying, and spreading the da'wah, plus completing our responsibilities to ummah. And much moreYeah, there's a lot of road to choose from. 

My point is, Stop Waiting. Start Living Your Life. Make something better out of it. Two more years left, InsyaAllah. Two years is not very long, considering we already finished four years here. Yes. Four years. It just felt like we'd been here yesterday. It just felt like I just know you. 

When life give you the sour lemon, Make lemonade!


  1. Theme park kt russia ke tu? Bakal jd doc,smoga menjadi doc yg sabar dan penuh kasih syg.hehe.kalau I sakit bole jumpe u.

  2. doc to be....
    smuanya kenangan terindah...

  3. Pernah main swing ni, best3..
    Btw nice to see your blog, i'm just started in blogging, please visit mine too. :)


  4. salam kenal juge dri sy ^^

    besnyaaa jenjalan. huuu

  5. is not easy nak jadik doc ni
    ganbatte uols
    alhamdulliah ai ok hope uols pun ok na TC @.@


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