Friday, 4 January 2013

Start of 2013!

End of year gathering 2012

dan salam sejahtera...

Happy new year! Its been a great year which had taught me a lot of things. Ending 2012 with our batchmate gathering at my room. So, I'll do the honour of decorating the room. It fell great! Its been a long time since I'd been so excited about it. And the event went great!

The foods were more than enough. We cooked western-style dinner. There are a lot of new recipe dishes. I just cooked the easy one which I'm used to cook. The macaroni salad, triffle and carrot cake with cream cheese topping. Yummy. Feeling like organizing a birthday party for a child! And gladly they were happy with it. 

All of our batchmate. Girls only gathering.
Ichi and Insyirah were missing.

Under one roof. 
The third hostel resident.

So, that's quite enough for what's happening in the end of 2012. And yeah, the new year celebration in Russia in great! The fireworks, the moment, the environment was full with cherish and enjoyment. But, I never go out for new year's eve celebration outside and at the park. I prefer to stay at home and be with your friends.

And turned out to be, we didnt really know what to do that night. End up, we made a 'bubur butir nangka' with the colour I choose. Blue and pink. Never seen before. With different shape and where you can find 'hidden mickey' inside. Well, its my version of it. Haha, just bear with it. 

My own version 'butir nangka'

Starting the year with great activities already! Even during the 1st January 2013, already did something that I love so much. Skating! The best feeling ever. I can be on the skating-ring all night long. It wont make me feel tired. And yeah, keep trying something new each day. Also try the banana boat on ice at the park. Just to feel the excitement.

Sometimes, we don't need to be afraid of the things that seem new to us. Just be yourself and enjoy the moment! Tomorrow going to moscow. Wish to get something out of the program. 
Be a new you! Yes, You!

That's all for now
Thank you for readin'

Nota hari ini: Baru beli baju untuk anak saudara! So cute. Tinggal satu je masa tu. Kalau tak, dah bali banyak-banyak. Mentang-mentang dah nak dapat lagi dua anak saudara. Weee...

Nota hari esok: Traveling to moscow tomorow. Pray for us. Bye-bye Nizhny!


  1. program tersebut pasti best ! :D happy new year hajar <3

  2. comelnyea lah bubur butir nangka akak :D pink n blue . cantik sangat lohh ^^

  3. bestnya~ nak join? hahahhaa. happy new year.


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