Monday, 14 January 2013

Spread The Love!

Spread the love...
Milan, Italy.

and peace be upon you...

L.O.V.E. We talk about love with our friends most of the time. But did we realized? We are actually creating a certain limit to the definition of love. Love is a big word. Not just towards your spouse. It is actually towards the whole world we are living in. Yup. I did mentioned the whole world.

Love towards your Creator for creating a perfect you. Love towards your Prophet for spreading Islam till you understand the definition of life. Love towards your family for caring so much about you. Love towards your friends for always being there. Love towards your teachers or lecturers for giving you so much knowledge that you need. Love towards your neighbours for always helping you. Love towards the community for accepting you. Even love towards the охрана (guard) for keeping you safe in the hostel region. 

The feeling of love just should be there. I was touched by the video that I just watched on facebook. Hope you can spend few minutes to watch it. Not long enough. Even your instant noodles can't be cook in this short time.

CNN hero. Narayanan Krishnan.
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I was touched! Again and again. There's still a man who would do that and abandoned the degree he got. He  can be a famous chef in a five-star hotel in India. Yet, he choose to live his life like this. As a volunteer. Because there's still LOVE in his heart towards his villagers. LOVE. That can make a difference. 

I'd google 'spread the love' just now. And I found various humanitarian missions that playing it role to help others rite now, not specifically around Malaysia. Even in Canada, there's a non-profit organization spread their love towards the hunger people by giving away 'Sandwich' to make a difference. There's also a lot of people helping out by donation to build a school in a place where there's no one ever heard on its name before. 

And yet another video for you.

The Merciful Servant. Real Leader care about the people.

Even our Prophet at that time as a leader of the world, care about the people. Who are we as a student, to be verily busy to care about the people outside there? Oh, I forgot. We are a medic student who SUPPOSE to be so busy studying. Yet, ask yourself what are you doing rite now? 

Spread the love towards everyone you met. Help them. Cherish them. Even a single line on our face can make a difference - your precious SMILE. 

If it's so hard for you to move around and spread the love, you can just spread your love towards people around the world through the same internet access you're reading this blog. Donate to people. They need it. Sometimes we just have to many and we couldn't really appreciate it the way other people appreciate it. 

If you don't have the energy to search for which organization to put SOME of your money to, let me help you. Have you heard of well-known Aqsa Syarif? You can put your money there as they'll help the Palestinian people. They give the basic needs towards the people. Food. Shelter. Home. Milk. Farm.

If you still don't have the will to google it, let me help you by giving the account number.
Derma Palestin atas nama AQSA SYARIF BERHAD di: 
Maybank Islamic 551575004299 atau 
Bank Islam 12092010034904. 
Tabung Pengurusan Aqsa Syarif : 
CIMB Islamic 12160000452101

 Love. Care. Cherish them. 


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