Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Antara Durian Crepe dan Baklava

Flight out of Moscow, Russia.

Dua makanan berbeza dari dua buah negara berbeza. Durian crepe yang sangat terkenal di Malaysia sekarang, tapi bila kat Russia boleh buat pisang crepe je. Baklava yang terkenal dari negara-negara Arab tapi untuk spesifikasi waktu ini, Istanbul.

Keputusan yang drastik, pantas dan sebagainya. Saya sendiri pun terkejut pada waktu ini saya berada dalam flight Emirates Dubai to Kuala Lumpur. Lagi sejam nak jejak Malaysia. Tulis je dulu dalam flight, bila sampai rumah baru publish post. Kalau dalam kapal terbang nak guna wifi kena bayar dengan rate 5mb = US$2.36. Upload gambar je dah berapa megabytes. Jangan nak membazir sangat la!

Waiting for Aeroexpress. Alone.

Oke, cakap pasal pulang ke Malaysia. Ya Allah, tak tahulah. Hari ahad pukul 5 petang beli tiket kapal terbang dan train online. Pukul 6 lebih beli barang untuk bawa pulang kat Mega. Malam tu packing barang sampai nak dekat pagi. Kemas barang nak balik Malaysia kot! Mana tak lama. Esok pagi ambil visa kat pejabat dekan. Pukul 1 petang bermulalah perjalanan pulang ke Malaysia. 

Dan di sinilah saya berpijak sekarang. Malaysia. Entah kenapa, rasa nak balik rumah kuat sangat-sangat. Macam banyak sangat unfinished business to settle. Seriously! Kalau tak balik rumah, I don’t think I can pass second semester easily with the tough timetable. Real tough. Lepas satu cycle, masuk cycle exam. Lepas tu start satu cycle, cycle exam balek sampai bulan lima yang berakhir dengan Neurology. Oke. Subjek saya perlu perbaiki. 

Maaf. Buat rakan-rakan ke Turkey kerana tidak dapat nak teman kalian. Maaf, tinggalkan kalian di saat akhir. Maaf, sangat tak sanggup untuk hadapi kehidupan jika tidak pulang ke Malaysia. Maaf, perlukan nafas baru sebentar. Maaf, banyak sangat unsettled business yang perlu diselesaikan. Maaf, beribu kali maaf. Tapi saya tahu, berapa banyak kali maaf pun, saya tetap tinggalkan mereka. 

Makan baklava from Dubai pun boleh.

Entri yang saya sangka akan bermula dengan tajuk ‘Istanbul aku datang’ sama sekali tidak tercapai. Mungkin ada hikmahnya atas segala sesuatu yang berlaku. Jadi, terimalah apa sahaja yang telah ditetapkan oleh Allah dengan redha. 

Saat ini kapten kapal terbang sedang membicarakan tentang flight yang bakal mendarat dengan suhu 28 degree celcius. Pertama kali balik Malaysia waktu musim sejuk. Eksaited! Dari -7 ke 28 degree. Lets face that! Orang kata macam kena penampar sekali kat muka kalau keluar dari kapal terbang terus guna tangga dan naik bus ke airport. We’ll see.

Sekian sahaja buat sekarang 
Terima kasih sudi membaca!

Nota hari ini: Mana nak cari durian crepe malam-malam ni. Touchdown setengah jam dari sekarang jam 10.30 malam. P/s: Everything I need is My home rite now.

Nota hari esok: InsyaAllah ice skating dengan mereka di Sunway. Lusa bertolak ke lumut. Pantai! Everything is well planned. 

Nota hari-hari: Oh ya. Disebabkan balik hanya 10+ hari, compensate dengan harga ticket. Sehari anda bernilai Rm300. Use it wisely. Every minute is every penny you pay to be here. Use it wisely. 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Spread The Love!

Spread the love...
Milan, Italy.

and peace be upon you...

L.O.V.E. We talk about love with our friends most of the time. But did we realized? We are actually creating a certain limit to the definition of love. Love is a big word. Not just towards your spouse. It is actually towards the whole world we are living in. Yup. I did mentioned the whole world.

Love towards your Creator for creating a perfect you. Love towards your Prophet for spreading Islam till you understand the definition of life. Love towards your family for caring so much about you. Love towards your friends for always being there. Love towards your teachers or lecturers for giving you so much knowledge that you need. Love towards your neighbours for always helping you. Love towards the community for accepting you. Even love towards the охрана (guard) for keeping you safe in the hostel region. 

The feeling of love just should be there. I was touched by the video that I just watched on facebook. Hope you can spend few minutes to watch it. Not long enough. Even your instant noodles can't be cook in this short time.

CNN hero. Narayanan Krishnan.
P/s: You can silent the blog by pressing pause on the music player at the end of right side bar.

I was touched! Again and again. There's still a man who would do that and abandoned the degree he got. He  can be a famous chef in a five-star hotel in India. Yet, he choose to live his life like this. As a volunteer. Because there's still LOVE in his heart towards his villagers. LOVE. That can make a difference. 

I'd google 'spread the love' just now. And I found various humanitarian missions that playing it role to help others rite now, not specifically around Malaysia. Even in Canada, there's a non-profit organization spread their love towards the hunger people by giving away 'Sandwich' to make a difference. There's also a lot of people helping out by donation to build a school in a place where there's no one ever heard on its name before. 

And yet another video for you.

The Merciful Servant. Real Leader care about the people.

Even our Prophet at that time as a leader of the world, care about the people. Who are we as a student, to be verily busy to care about the people outside there? Oh, I forgot. We are a medic student who SUPPOSE to be so busy studying. Yet, ask yourself what are you doing rite now? 

Spread the love towards everyone you met. Help them. Cherish them. Even a single line on our face can make a difference - your precious SMILE. 

If it's so hard for you to move around and spread the love, you can just spread your love towards people around the world through the same internet access you're reading this blog. Donate to people. They need it. Sometimes we just have to many and we couldn't really appreciate it the way other people appreciate it. 

If you don't have the energy to search for which organization to put SOME of your money to, let me help you. Have you heard of well-known Aqsa Syarif? You can put your money there as they'll help the Palestinian people. They give the basic needs towards the people. Food. Shelter. Home. Milk. Farm.

If you still don't have the will to google it, let me help you by giving the account number.
Derma Palestin atas nama AQSA SYARIF BERHAD di: 
Maybank Islamic 551575004299 atau 
Bank Islam 12092010034904. 
Tabung Pengurusan Aqsa Syarif : 
CIMB Islamic 12160000452101

 Love. Care. Cherish them. 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Moscow. Random Photos.

In front of the famous lollipop building. 
St. Basil Cathedral, Red Square, Moscow

dan salam sejahtera...

Alhamdulillah. Internet is back! Sebenarnya ada internet dari jumaat lagi. Tapi tak reti-reti nak update belog cepat lagi ke huh? Sehari sebelum sekolah jugak nak update. Dan sebenarnya, tak tahu pun nak tulis apa. Sebab tu la tajuk entri kali ni hanyalah beberapa keping gambar yang sempat ditangkap di Moscow cuti tahun baru lepas. 

So, just few random photos. Here we go...

Tak sah kalau tak beli kalau lalu dekat walking street ni.
Arbat Street, Moscow. 

Arinie at the metro station. 
Yup. Metro station kat moscow is verily nice! 

 Inside one of the most expensive shopping centre.
Гум, Red Square, Moscow.

The decoration during the new year was great.

 Each Christmas tree has different decoration by the boutique they represent. 
So, different views along the way. 

Short and simple pictures with a bit description. Some of the pictures already uploaded at instagram. So, just bare with it. Thinking of dropping by here to buy some souvenirs for my family later. Maybe during spring will go here again. That's all for now.

Nota hari ini: Peperiksaan semakin hampir, but the adrenalin rush is just not there. Hygiene is making my life miserable.

Nota hari esok: Wish to get surgery zachut tomorrow. Please be nice, Dr. Kukosh.

Nota hari-hari: Act like a lady. Think like a man. 

Friday, 4 January 2013

Start of 2013!

End of year gathering 2012

dan salam sejahtera...

Happy new year! Its been a great year which had taught me a lot of things. Ending 2012 with our batchmate gathering at my room. So, I'll do the honour of decorating the room. It fell great! Its been a long time since I'd been so excited about it. And the event went great!

The foods were more than enough. We cooked western-style dinner. There are a lot of new recipe dishes. I just cooked the easy one which I'm used to cook. The macaroni salad, triffle and carrot cake with cream cheese topping. Yummy. Feeling like organizing a birthday party for a child! And gladly they were happy with it. 

All of our batchmate. Girls only gathering.
Ichi and Insyirah were missing.

Under one roof. 
The third hostel resident.

So, that's quite enough for what's happening in the end of 2012. And yeah, the new year celebration in Russia in great! The fireworks, the moment, the environment was full with cherish and enjoyment. But, I never go out for new year's eve celebration outside and at the park. I prefer to stay at home and be with your friends.

And turned out to be, we didnt really know what to do that night. End up, we made a 'bubur butir nangka' with the colour I choose. Blue and pink. Never seen before. With different shape and where you can find 'hidden mickey' inside. Well, its my version of it. Haha, just bear with it. 

My own version 'butir nangka'

Starting the year with great activities already! Even during the 1st January 2013, already did something that I love so much. Skating! The best feeling ever. I can be on the skating-ring all night long. It wont make me feel tired. And yeah, keep trying something new each day. Also try the banana boat on ice at the park. Just to feel the excitement.

Sometimes, we don't need to be afraid of the things that seem new to us. Just be yourself and enjoy the moment! Tomorrow going to moscow. Wish to get something out of the program. 
Be a new you! Yes, You!

That's all for now
Thank you for readin'

Nota hari ini: Baru beli baju untuk anak saudara! So cute. Tinggal satu je masa tu. Kalau tak, dah bali banyak-banyak. Mentang-mentang dah nak dapat lagi dua anak saudara. Weee...

Nota hari esok: Traveling to moscow tomorow. Pray for us. Bye-bye Nizhny!