Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Time has Come

dan salam sejahtera...

Sedar tak sedar peperiksaan nak dekat dah. Baru nak sedar betapa banyak masa terbuang sebelum nie dek kerana ligat bermain dan kurang study untuk peperiksaan. Memang betul pun, nikmat yang paling kita tak nampak dalam kehidupan kita adalah nikmat MASA LAPANG dan KESIHATAN. 

Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w "Ada dua nikmat yang kebanyakan manusia tertipu kerananya iaitu kesihatan dan masa lapang." 

Bukan nak cakap panjang lebar, cuma nak cakap, bersegeralah, bersegeralah, bersegeralah dalam setiap perkara yang kita buat. Jangan berlengah lagi. 
p/s: Tadi masa google hadis kat atas tu, terjumpa dengan artikel ni dan video nie. Mungkin sedikit sebanyak dapat beri idea tentang bagaimana untuk menggunakan nikmat Allah yang kita tak nampak ni dalam kehidupan seharian.

Lagi satu, nak cakap pasal USAHA. Hari tu, semasa atuk saya menelefon, saya mengadu pada atuk. Takutnya atuk, exam nak dekat nie... Tapi atuk jawab.. La, buwat apa nak takut. Beranikan diri nak jawab exam. Bila fikir-fikir balik, memang betul pun. Result kita dah tertulis pun dan apa yang Allah nak tengok sekarang adalah usaha kita. Jadi, apa yang kita boleh buwat sekarang adalah cuba yang terbaik dengan usaha yang terbaik. InsyaAllah, dengan izin Allah, kita boleh. 

Tapi kalau dengan izin Allah juga kita tak berjaya, janganlah bersedih kerana...
Tanpa kita sedari, itulah yang terbaik untuk kita. Segala usaha kita bukan sia-sia kerana kita dah niatkan pada Allah, InsyaAllah.

Nota hari ini: Mungkin saya bukanlah yang terbaik untuk beri nasihat ini. Tapi nasihat ini untuk diri saya lah. Ambil yang baik dan tinggalkan yang buruk. 

Nota hari esok: Cuba untuk bersyukur dengan kedua-dua nikmat tersebut dengan bangun pagi setiap hari menyebut Alhamdulillah atas segala nikmat yang kita tak sedari itu. 

Nota hari-hari: There's no such thing as free time for a Muslim. There's a lot of thing that we need to do in this world. Above all, worship Allah would be first. Always say zikrullah. Then, u'll remeber Him always and you realize that u're not wasting your time.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

For the Love of the Gift

We all love gifts. We love the blessings that beautify our lives. We love our children, our spouses, our parents, our friends. We love our youth and we love our health. We love our homes, our cars, our money, our beauty. But what happens when a gift becomes more than just a gift? What happens when a want becomes a need, a favor becomes a dependency? What happens when a gift is no longer only that?

What is a gift? 

A gift is something that did not come from us. A gift is given—and can be taken. We are not the original owners of a gift. A gift is also not necessary for our survival. It comes and goes. We want and love to receive gifts—but they are not necessary to our existence. We don’t depend on them. We don’t live to receive them and do not die if we don’t. They are not our air or our food. But we love them. Who does not love a gift? Who does not love to receive many gifts? And we ask Al Kareem (The Most Generous) to never deprive us of His gifts. Yet, a gift is still not where we place our dependencies, nor do we die without them.

Remember that there are two places to hold something: in the hand or in the heart. 

Where do we hold a gift? A gift is not held in the heart. It is held in the hand. So when the gift is taken, the loss creates pain to the hand—but not to the heart. And anyone who has lived long enough in this life knows that the pain of the hand is not like the pain of the heart. The pain of the heart is to lose an object of attachment, addiction, dependency. That pain is like no other pain. It’s not normal pain. And that pain is how we will know we just lost an object of attachment—a gift that was held in the wrong place.

The pain of the hand is also pain—but different. So different. The pain of the hand is to lose something, but not something we are dependent upon. When a gift is taken out of the hand—or never given at all—we will feel the normal human pain of loss. We will grieve. We will cry. But the pain is only in the hand; our heart remains whole and beating. 

This is because the heart is only for God. And God alone.

If we examine the things in our lives that cause us most pain or fear, we can start to pinpoint which gifts have been stored in the wrong place. If not being able to get married, be with the person we want, have a child, find a job, look a certain way, get a degree, or reach a certain status has consumed us, we need to make a change. We need to shift where the gift is being stored; we need to move the gift out of our heart and back to our hand where it belongs.

We can love these things. It’s human to love. And it’s human to want the gifts we love. But our problem begins when we put the gift in our heart, and God in our hand. Ironically, we believe that we can live without God—but if we were to lose a gift, we crumble and can’t go on.

As a result, we can easily put God aside, but our heart cannot live without the gift. In fact, we can even put God aside for the sake of the gift. So it becomes easy for us to delay or miss a prayer, but just don’t deprive me of my work meeting, my movie, my outing, my shopping, my class, my party, my basketball game. It’s easy to take interest-bearing loans or sell alcohol, just don’t deprive me of my profit margin and prestigious career. Just don’t deprive me of my brand-new car, and over-the-top home. It’s easy to have a haram relationship or date, but just don’t deprive me of the one I “love.” It’s easy to take off, or not wear hijab—just don’t deprive me of my beauty, my looks, my marriage proposals, my image in front of people. It’s easy to put aside the modesty that God says is beautiful, but don’t deprive me of my skinny jeans—because society told me that’s beauty.

Received a lot of flowers as gifts this month. 
Thank you Allah.

This happens because the gift is in our heart, while Allah is in our hand. And what is in the hand can be put aside easily. What is in the heart, we cannot live without—and would sacrifice anything to have. But sooner or later we need to ask ourselves what it is that we really worship: The gift or the Giver? The beauty or the Source and Definition of Beauty? The provision or the Provider?

The creation or the Creator?

The tragedy of our choice is that we chain our necks with attachments, and then ask why we choke. We put aside our Real air, and then wonder why we can’t breathe. We give up our only food, and then complain when we’re dying of starvation.  After all, we stick the knife in our chest and then cry because it hurts. So much. But what we have done, we have done to ourselves.

Allah says:

 “And whatever affliction befalls you, it is on account of what your hands have wrought, and (yet) He pardons most (of your faults).” (Qur’an, 42:30)

Yes. What we have done, we have done to ourselves. But look how the ayah ends: “He pardons most.” The word used here is “ya’foo” from God’s attribute Al-A’foo.  This denotes not just forgiving or pardoning, but completely erasing! So no matter how many times we stick that knife in our own chest, God can heal us—as if the stab had never occurred! Al Jabbar (the One who mends) can mend it.

If you seek Him.

But how foolish is the one who exchanges air for a necklace? He is the one who says, “Give me the necklace, and then you can take away my air after that. Suffocate me, but just make sure I’m wearing the necklace when I die.” And the irony of it all is that it is the necklace itself that suffocates us. It is our own objects of attachment—the things we love more than God— that kill us.

Our problem began because we saw the gift as the air, instead of just that: a gift. So in our blindness, we became dependent on the gift, and put aside the Real air. As a result when the gift was taken back, or never given at all, we thought we could not go on. But, this was a lie that we told ourselves, until we believed it. It isn’t true. There’s only one loss that we can’t recover from. There’s only one reason we wouldn’t be able to go on: If we lost God in our lives. The irony is that many of us have lost God in our lives and we think we’re still alive. Our false dependencies on His gifts have deceived us. So much.

Only God is our survival. Not His gifts. God is our support and our only true necessity. Allah says:

“Is not God enough for His Servant? But they try to frighten thee with other (gods) besides Him! for such as God leaves to stray, there can be no guide.” (Qur’an, 39:36)

We all have needs and we all have wants. But our true suffering begins when we turn our wants into needs, and our one true need (God) into a commodity we think we can do without.  Our true suffering begins when we confuse the means and the End. God is the only End. Every other thing is the means. We will suffer the moment we take our eyes off the End and get lost in the means.

In fact, the true purpose of the gift itself is to bring us to God. Even the gift is a means. For example, does the Prophet (peace be upon him) not say that marriage is half of deen? Why? If used correctly, few other parts of this life can have such a comprehensive effect on the development of one’s character. You can read about qualities like patience, gratitude, mercy, humility, generosity, self-denial, and preferring another to yourself. But, you won’t develop those qualities until you are put in a situation in which they are tested.

Gifts like marriage will be a means to bring you closer to God—so long as they remain a means, not an End. God’s gifts will remain a means to Him, so long as they are held in the hand, not the heart. Remember that whatever lives in the heart controls you. It becomes what you strive for and are willing to sacrifice anything to have. And to keep. It becomes what you depend on at a fundamental level.  It, therefore, must be something eternal, that never tires, and never breaks. It must, therefore, be something that never leaves. Only one thing is like that: The Creator.

This article is not written by me. Its nicely written by Yasmin Mogahed.
I post it here because I found this article is really meaningful for me and it touched me. And I want to share it with you so that it'll touch your precious heart also.
And most of the article in the websites is useful. Try to check it out!

Sunday, 13 May 2012


I watched this movie already!

dan salam sejahtera...

Why am I updating blog two times today? Not exactly in a day. But less than twenty-hours. Seriously, I dont know what's going on in my mind rite now. Like everything is a mess. Need to do some clean up in my brain  soon. Its like, one side of my brain tell me to do this, and other tell me to do that. I'm like stuck in the middle and feel like running away from it. But surely, run away is always not a good options. Seriously.

Oke. I already wrote about my two days of holiday. Here another one day of it. Never went to an Imax cinema before and never realized where in Malaysia the Imax cinema is located. oke. loser! But still, everybody will gonna have their first time in everything. Life is no fun when you had done everything in this world, rite? 

So, we went to this new shopping complex at Nizhny Novgorod (NiNo). Namely as Седьмое Небо or Langit ke Tujuh atau Syurga ke Tujuh. Well, its definitely not a heaven. Its just a shopping complex with a pleasant name. The best thing is that their opening the second Ashan here in NiNo at this shopping complex. So,  we can go for groceries shopping at this new shopping complex instead of going to Mega every month. Lets go inside the shopping mall.

There,  you can see the Imax Cinema Park from here.

The inside. Some of the shops is still not yet being open. 
p/s: Quicksilver and Roxy is here already!

There I go, talking about shopping all the time. I'm not a shopaholic! I'm just in love with walking around. If you really know me, you know how I can walk around all day long. Then, we went to the cinema right away since the movie is about to start. It start at 4.40 pm. Oh, I forgot to mention the movie. We were watching The Avengers. Its an action movie. A lil bit more of talking in the beginning, then the action start at the final half of the movie.

Excited to watch the movie here! 

Queuing to buy our ticket here. Kak Zahid already booked our ticket through the internet.
Kak Erna in the picture.

It cost us 450 ruble. Kinda expensive compare to the normal one.

Oke. The popcorn is super duper sweet! We called it the DM popcorn.
*DM ---> Diebetes Mellitus

Kak Atikah Rahim, me and Kak Erna. 
At last, we didn't manage to finish the popcorn and bring it home.

Them before the movie with DM popcorn.

I slept for a while at the beginning of movie because the movie is in Russian language and there's a lot of talking in the beginning. So, I accidently fell for a nap. Sorry movie. But one thing is that, The Hulk is so cute and green! And experiencing the cinema, the quality is great and better that normal 2D movie obviously. But in my opinion, its much more worth to watch normal movie instead of spending a lot of money for this Imax 3D movie. The price is double! But to experience it, it will be just okay.

That's all for now.
Thank you for reading.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

DiNneR at Тюбетейка...

The menu book. 
p/s: kali pertame pegi. Tak tahu nak order ape...

dan salam sejahtera...

Oke. Hari tu kata nak update pasal empat hari cuti yang tibe-tibe dah habes. Dan disebabkan cuti itu jugak, hari ni ade kelas sampai pkul 7.30 malam. Kelas Russian Language di petang hari. Bakal menjadi kelas yang sangat mengantuk di petang sabtu. Sekarang tengah lunch break, sempat kot rasanya nak tulis satu entry sekejap.

Jadi, lepas habes pergi tengok Circus on Water tu, ktorunk pun bersetuju untuk pegi makan dekat satu restoran halal dekat-dekat dengan kawasan circus tu. Perut masing-masing pun dah berbunyi tanda kelaparan. Memang setuju je larh terus nak pegi makan. nyum3. 

Restoran 'Тюбетейка' dan cara nak sebut nama restoran ni ---> Tyubeteika. Baru je tanye Encik Google tadi maksud dia apa. Rupa-rupanya maksud Тюбетейка ialah skullcap (direct translation). Maksud sebenarnya adalah macam 'kopiah' yang orang Russian kadang-kadang pakai tu. I mean, orang Islam la. Patut la dalam restoran tu sume orang pakai kopiah macam tu, termasuk tukang masak dan serving ladies. 

Saya order Uzbek Pilaf tu! Sedapnye....

Plov atau Nasi saya dah sampai.. Tak sabar nak makan!

 So, this is my first time eat at here. Sebelum ni penah datang tapi fully booked and reserved. Memang takde tempat kalau nak makan kat sini masa cuti dan hari minggu. Masa ktorunk datang ni pun dah lewat dan hari Isnin. Nasib baik ade tempat dan dapat jugak makan kat sini! Makan ape ye? Makan nasi dengan kambing. Lamanya tak makan kambing! Sedap tu memang sedap la. Tapi kalau makan hari-hari bole bankrup terus. Sekali-sekala takpe la.

Oke. Tibe-tibe cakap pasal makanan pulak. Padahal mula-mula masuk restoran ni, ktorunk tangkap gambar je banyak. Dan disebabkan lapar, terus decide nak beli desserts Turkey yang sedap tu! Semuanya manis-manis. Ops, lupe pulak. Ada satu jenis tu yang rasa macam halia. Errrr... Tapi akhirnya, tak bejaya nak habeskan sebab kenyang sangat. Desserts dye buffet style. Jadi, memang sedap la amek kan macam tak ingat dunia.

Buffet desserts yang menyelerakan...

Desserts Turkish-style. Turkish delight pun ade! 

Desserts je sampai dua pinggan. Melampau!
p/s: satu pinggan dessert plus minus Rm50. Oke. 
Tak nak bagi tau harge makanan kat sini dah...

Satu lagi benda yang best kat sini ialah interior design and decoration dye sangat cantik. Rasanya sebab tu makanan kat sini a bit expensive. So, we paid to be sitting there and enjoy the dinner and scenery. Its nice though!   

The restaurant itself. 

Kak Zahid, me and Kak Nad. 
*Muka lapar tunggu nasi dengan kambing*  

Btw, kat belakang tu ade satu tempat makan exclusive. It cost for Rm60 just to seat there. 
So, we just took the picture.

 Kak Nadia Azmi.
She said - 'owh, i wanna wear that hanging clothes!'

 Kak Nasuha and Kak Zahid. 
Still, looking at the menu.

 and its me. 

That's all for now
Thank you for readin'

 Nota hari ini: Need to memorize a lot for Russian class this evening. 2 hours to go.

Nota hari esok: Thinking of watching movies at Fantastika early in the morning. The movie Dark Shadows starring Johny Depp. Gonna need to think about it.

Nota hari-hari: Benjamin Franklin once shared his secret of success --> Dont put away what you can do today for tomorrow. So, jangan bertangguh-tangguh lagi. Btw, love this song ^_^  

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Circus on H2o!

Лазерное Шоу Цирк На Воде
Lazer Show Circus on Water

dan salam sejahtera...

Empat hari cuti sekolah. What to do? Okay, sebenarnye dah habes pun empat hari cuti sekolah yang ditunggu-tunggu. Betape cepatnye masa berlalu. Tiba-tiba hari esok dah mula sesi persekolahan untuk tiga hari sampai hari sabtu. Rehat sehari pada hari ahad. Then, sekolah terus hari isnin. Lupe pulak, sabtu ni skola ikut jadual selasa. It means, i got russian class till 7.30 pm... Oh noooo...

Yup. Itulah kehidupan. Ada masa kita senang. Ada masa kita perlu balek ganti kesenangan itu dengan sedikit kesusahan. What's LIFE without a challenge, rite?  So, basically dengan empat hari cuti kali ini, my schedule is full from morning till nite! Errr... tapi tak sempat nak study sangat pun. Bila tiba hari terakhir, mula lah rasa bersalah dengan diri sendiri. =.=''

Cuti hari pertama. Hari ahad. Just went for a brief walk, window shopping, dining time at Cinnabon yang 'super duper manis dan sedap' at Fantastika with Arinie Zainudin. Nice day. Nice talk. Nice sharing. Nice hobbies. Nice mostly everything. Tapi lupe bawak camera. Silly mistake! Malam pula pegi tengok dan makan Red Velvet Cupcake yang Kak Nasuha Razali buwat! Super duper yummy. Sedap tak terkata. Lovin' it.

Cuti hari kedua. Hari isnin. Decided with the 6th year student to go to a circus! Never been there before, so took this opprtunity to enjoy one last time with beloved sisters. Love you gurls so much! Circus ni baru mula kat Nizhny Novgorod pada 28 April sampai minggu depan. So, we took the opportunity to be there. Nothing to be loss. New experience.

Unfortunately, we can't take any picture during the show. And there's so many guards to inform us about it. Nak keluarkan kamera pun takut. The guards seems to be extra alert with it. So, there's no picture during the show. Only the pictures of us outside the building and during the walk. Enjoy!

The building where the circus was held. 

Our ticket! Forgot to tell about the price. 
Its 700 rouble since we choose the place which quite near to the stage.

The place where we bought the ticket.

This russian girl is so friendly! 
Her name is Liana. And i think she learn ballet at school.

There's so cute. 
p/s: The way they look at us like they're seeing aliens.
Its because they never see someone like us before. 

Oh. This is the stage. Kak Suha's camera.
After taking this picture, the guard saw it and couldn't take picture anymore.

The picture I took silently. Manage to take only one picture.
By the way, the performances are great! With magician, animal, dancer and much more!

Behind the scene.

That's all for now. 
Later I'll update about our dinner after the circus at a Turkish Restaurant I think. The dinner was great!
Thank you for readin'.

Nota hari ini: День Победий saya di atas katil. Tak sempat nak bangun pagi tadi. and i missed all of it! So sad. Its okay. Going to Mega with Kak Suha now. 

Nota hari semalam: Drama! Tapi saya paling sayang mereka. Thanx for the flower and card and the nasi goreng pattaya which is my favourite. Lots of love. 

Nota hari-hari: Put yourself in my shoes. Then you'll know my story.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Just 2 Months moRe!

 Park Shvetsiari, Nizhny Novgorod
If you reach here, means you already jog quater of the park...

dan salam sejahtera...

Its been a while. Dah lama dah rasa nak update belog nie tapi tak sempat2 nak menulis. Macam la sibuk sangat kan. You'd been playing too much girl this year! Its time for you to come to realization for that one... Yea. Saya sedar sangat2. Dengan lima peperiksaan akhir semester nie sebelum balek rumah, rasa macam. Errrrr.. can I saboi all the exam and live happily ever after? No way! Do it now. Its a once in a life time experience! =.=''

They make it hard for us in purpose. 
Because we are handling people's life. Not a machine.
-Schajar McFlurry-

Sebenarnya, tak tahu pun nak tulis pasal apa, tapi perasaan nak tulis dalam belog tu, membuak2 ke ladang gandum! Sedapnya koko krunch *tibe2*. So, what rilly happening in NiNo? Cuaca yang tak menentu. Dah bulan mei dah tapi suhu tak stabil lagi. Hari tu suhu 6 degree. Oke, terpakai jaket nipis pegi kelas sebab bajet dah spring! Akhirnya, kesejukan sepanjang hari. Konklusi, sila lihat ramalan kaji cuaca sebelum keluar rumah.

I found this picture in my camera and its so nice! 
Group picnic.

BBQ! Fenomena pembakaran ayam dan ikan yang berleluasa di park setiap hujung minggu. Minggu lepas baru je habis Family Day. BBQ! Minggu pertama tiba musim bunga, makan bersama parallel group dalam cycle. BBQ again! Piknik lagi. Memang tak terkira program makan2 yang berleluasa nie. Lagi2 park kat depan hostel je. Memang terpaling mudah dalam dunia.

When you reach here, its mean you already jog halfway to the finish line.

Aktiviti beriadah. Yes! Mula larh aktiviti bersukan di kalangan pelajar kat sini. Paling senang ialah jogging. Joging dari Medical street sampai Astanovka Miza je dah 4km. Dengan cuaca yang sedap sekarang, memang ramai yang berjogging. Tapi untuk berjoging di waktu petang, mungkin agak panas sikit sebab pukul 6 petang pun masih zohor lagi. Bayangkanlah kedudukan matahari mase tu. Rasenya waktu paling sesusai ialah waktu pagi. Pukul 6 pagi pun dah terang kan. P/s: tapi rajin ke awak bangun pagi dan pegi jogging? =.=''

A healthy Doctor is for a healthy Patient
-quote from a friend, Sulastini-

Belajar! *supposely* Kene mula dah. Tapi macam biasa, langkah pertama adalah yang paling sukar untuk dilaksanakan. Nak mula tu, Ya Allah, payahnya. Hopefully everyone can plan an effective time table while you still have a month before the big day. Waktu malam yang singkat. Macam mane nak belajar? *Tak payah nak bagi alasan banyak sangat la. Belajar je.* 

Thinking. Ini memang paling seronok. Thinking about Malaysia already. Ticket flight already paste in front study table. Thinking of list of things-to-do in Malaysia. I'm coming home people! Okey. Dua bulan lagi kot. Tak payah nak melampau berangan terlebih. Fokus untuk matlamat jangka pendek dulu.

My Magnum 'Blondinka' ice cream fell while walking around the park...
So sad!

That's all for now.
Thank you for readin'.

Nota hari ini: Baru je lepas print Zaman Orang Ganjil. Orang kate best bace buku ni kalau tak nak putus asa dan mahukan perubahan. Sangat simple. Kalau nak try bace, bole klik link ni.

Nota hari esok: Valvular Heart Disease tak bace lagi sebenarnye. Hopefully note dye pendek je. Dan esok jumpe patient. Errr.. Internal Medicine, y u no easy?

Nota hari-hari: Banyak sangat mengeluh dan bagi alasan diri awak ni. Sikit2 'tapi'. Cuba bagi peluang dulu untuk buat yang terbaik. Cuba perbaiki diri dari semasa ke semasa.