Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Defining Life

I just love snow no matter how low the temperature is.
It melts my heart.
-On the way back to home, Inferior view-

dan salam sejahtera...

Wah! What a topic to talk about! Yeah, I know. But I'm not gonna talk about it theoretically or or according to any literature. I'm just going to talk about it generally, randomly, and as I know. So, dont judge!


Some definitions may help...
- Living things and their activity: "Some sort of life existed on Mars". Google definition.

- Life (cf. biota) is a characteristic that distinguishes objects that have signaling and self-sustaining processes from those that do not. Wikipedia.

- The property or quality that distinguishes living organisms from dead organisms and inanimate matter, manifested in functions such as metabolism, growth, etc. Free dictionary.

Okay. Too much theory. I compiled it here because I know there's no such thing as you're going to google about definition of life with your own effort unless you just start learning Biology and looking for the definition. So, it'll be easier for us to see, how people define life. 

Are that all? Like seriously?

But for me, I just realized a bit part of it definition just a while. The definition of life actually depend on YOU! Yes. You who have been reading this post rite now. It does not depend on freaking i-know-everything Mr. Wikipedia, or Mrs Google. It depend on us. 
P/s: Today I'm not talking about life theoretically. This is practical. 

Way back to home. Lateral view.

We are the one who define what life is about. I used to think, Life must be perfect, living in a good condition, having a great and supportive family and friends, driving a sport car to the hospital, living in a cosy home, having great weekends, movies, shopping, being a speacialist cardio-thoracic surgeon, marrying the perfect man and live happily ever after. And of course, not to forget including good deeds to other people. Too perfect isn't it?

But then, what about others? Other people in this world? Are they having the same definition of Life as me? I realized that, the definition of it is different for each of us. I realized that when my friend asked me, What do you mean by they don't have any life here? That is YOUR definition of life for you. Going out and hanging around during the weekend. Shopping. Baking. Decorating. Blogging. Gulp. 

So, what if other people define life during the weekend means the weekend is theirs? They want to sit at home, enjoying and relaxing their weekend after a tiring 5-days of university life. They want to complete the house chores for a cosier home during the weekdays. They want to help others achieving the true knowledge of ad-Din during the weekend.

What if there's so much definitions of life just during the weekend? And for other events in human's timeline? So, other people have their own aim and target. And if their not the same as yours, does it make it bad? No. All of them are good as long as it follow the Rules and Guidance given by our Creator. They just live it different way. 

Because all person in this world is unique just the way they are. They love what they do and having passion towards it. Encourage it if its right. Guide them in a good way if they're wrong. All of us used to be in that lost phase, maybe we're still in it now without us realising it. 

So, just Live your life the right way. Love yourself, the people around you, and everything that you do. Pray that you'll be bless by God in everything you do. 

Your definition of Life depends on you. Live. Love. Pray. 

White velvet cupcakes and rosy-princess topping.
Topping by fakhirah. Still learning with the piping of the topping for cupcakes.

A lot of them! Made with love.

Nota hari ini: Neurology this morning. Errrr... Dont want to comment much on that. 

Nota hari esok: Jangan makan banyak sangat dah. Neuro bakal habis. Can start back on diet. Neuro make me feel like eating all the time. Wasting all the time in gym. Sob3.

Nota hari-hari: Live. Love. Pray. 


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