Sunday, 28 October 2012

Something Random~

Me, Aini and Juniors
They're great....! Make me feel like living in this world...

dan salam sejahtera...

Still thinking of suitable post title for this post but couldn't get one. Its not rilly an official post about Eid Adha, its not a specific post about something or some event. Maybe its just a random things that happening around me. So here we go, Something random...

I can't remember when, but during last weekend or the week before that, me and my blockmates were having a housewarming event. Not to forget, the block in front of us, including Amir, Muizz and Zhafran. We were doing it together since that we moved to our new house this early semester. So, we're inviting our batchmate and close friends. The event ran smoothly, Alhamdulillah.

Our block! Private property!

My roomate, Aini, and blockmates, Khairun and Amanina, together with close-juniors, Syue and Wani. All of us were given the task to do Kek batik and Agar-agar. But since we bought the wrong Marie's Biscuit, the cake turn out to be verily hard and we kinda cut it in a very big propotion. Sorry guys and gurls, its didn't came out the way you were thinking. *Need to practice more* Yup, but we made it! And the event was done and finished succesfully. 

That's what happening for the last few weeks. So, what happening yesterday? We had a big Eid Adha celebration by the Muslim Association here. But, i'll write that one later. Thinking of writing about the event on friday. We're having the Eid Adha actually on friday. And we got the permission from our lecturer to have a holiday on that day! Yey! Love it to have 3 days holiday straight away. 

Salam Aidiladha from us...
Lots of love from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

So, my groupmates and parallel groupmates decided to celebrate this event together. And as usual, I'm the one who was in charged of desserts. So, I made a fruit cocktail with custard pudding. A chilled one! Actually i just tried it for the first time. Got the recipe from Yup, I keep making the dessert and they said that i can't rilly get marry yet since my future husband gonna be hungry eating dessert all the time. Funny! But its something that I love to do and i'll always love to do. InsyaAllah.

It was a great moment to spend with them like a family, since we only got friends at here to celebrate with. Our families are all in the far far away land. Can only celebrate with them through the skype. Its one of the moment in our life though. Its a memory to keep, so that one day we can tell about it again. I'm grateful to have such a supportive family and friends. Alhamdulillah. Allah knows best in putting us in every condition that we are living right now. Be grateful.

With them during AidilAdha...
Yup, its my room and its a pink corner of my place.

Nota hari ini: Thinking of baking carrot cupcake with cheese topping using Iffah's recipe. But hope to have time for it.

Nota hari semalam: This song is so sweet! 

Nota hari-hari: Tengah cycle obstetrics sekarang. Waiting to see a delivery here. Kalau ada rezeki dapat tengok la kot. And one more thing, judging people is hurtful to that person. So, don't do that okay #Notetoself.

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