Friday, 22 June 2012

Last Paper Standing....

Who spell Pharmacist as Pharmacologist?

One more paper. Four more days to study. 8 more days to go back home. A week from now, I'll be home! InsyaAllah. But the feeling of tiredness has reached my level. I'd been wanting to open this Pharmacology book since yesterday. But it haven't been done untill now. p/s: Luckily the teacher is nice. but still, u need to have the knowledge of pharmacology. It'll be very useful for you. 

Just finished the Internal Medicine paper yesterday. They said its a killer subject, since all the teacher will tend to fail the student if you didn't know anything. And one of the teacher take the feeling of failing people during the exam as a hobby. How scared was that? Kinda scary rite. 

Now that I'd passed four exams. Alhamdulillah. Its means I'd read four stacks of 500 pages A4 paper. Yup. That's how much we need to put in our brain for the last few weeks. Another stack of A4 paper coming. Lippincott pharmacology book with 542 pages in 4 days. Pray for me please. Oke. Need to study. See you later!

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  1. goodluck,suck mna pun otak tue,ttp kena baca kan baru rasa puas nak exam the best,doa pd ALLAH

  2. ASsalammualaikumWarohmatullah...

    Cik end eXam 27 June ..
    Saya end eXam 22 June ..

    Arghhh Alhamdulillah ...lega ...
    rasa ...pepun terbaik !!

    Saya soKong dari belakang dengan Doa
    ea ..

    Jangan lupa baca entri terbaru Prof. Asyrof ea ..


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