Sunday, 13 May 2012


I watched this movie already!

dan salam sejahtera...

Why am I updating blog two times today? Not exactly in a day. But less than twenty-hours. Seriously, I dont know what's going on in my mind rite now. Like everything is a mess. Need to do some clean up in my brain  soon. Its like, one side of my brain tell me to do this, and other tell me to do that. I'm like stuck in the middle and feel like running away from it. But surely, run away is always not a good options. Seriously.

Oke. I already wrote about my two days of holiday. Here another one day of it. Never went to an Imax cinema before and never realized where in Malaysia the Imax cinema is located. oke. loser! But still, everybody will gonna have their first time in everything. Life is no fun when you had done everything in this world, rite? 

So, we went to this new shopping complex at Nizhny Novgorod (NiNo). Namely as Седьмое Небо or Langit ke Tujuh atau Syurga ke Tujuh. Well, its definitely not a heaven. Its just a shopping complex with a pleasant name. The best thing is that their opening the second Ashan here in NiNo at this shopping complex. So,  we can go for groceries shopping at this new shopping complex instead of going to Mega every month. Lets go inside the shopping mall.

There,  you can see the Imax Cinema Park from here.

The inside. Some of the shops is still not yet being open. 
p/s: Quicksilver and Roxy is here already!

There I go, talking about shopping all the time. I'm not a shopaholic! I'm just in love with walking around. If you really know me, you know how I can walk around all day long. Then, we went to the cinema right away since the movie is about to start. It start at 4.40 pm. Oh, I forgot to mention the movie. We were watching The Avengers. Its an action movie. A lil bit more of talking in the beginning, then the action start at the final half of the movie.

Excited to watch the movie here! 

Queuing to buy our ticket here. Kak Zahid already booked our ticket through the internet.
Kak Erna in the picture.

It cost us 450 ruble. Kinda expensive compare to the normal one.

Oke. The popcorn is super duper sweet! We called it the DM popcorn.
*DM ---> Diebetes Mellitus

Kak Atikah Rahim, me and Kak Erna. 
At last, we didn't manage to finish the popcorn and bring it home.

Them before the movie with DM popcorn.

I slept for a while at the beginning of movie because the movie is in Russian language and there's a lot of talking in the beginning. So, I accidently fell for a nap. Sorry movie. But one thing is that, The Hulk is so cute and green! And experiencing the cinema, the quality is great and better that normal 2D movie obviously. But in my opinion, its much more worth to watch normal movie instead of spending a lot of money for this Imax 3D movie. The price is double! But to experience it, it will be just okay.

That's all for now.
Thank you for reading.


  1. HAHA! kalau aku sure tido sampai habis citee.

  2. haha, DM popcorn ! *symptom budak medic..hehe
    bestnya nizhny! volgo takde :/


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