Saturday, 21 April 2012

GiG 2012!

Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy.
With Kak Erna Nadia as placard girl...

dan salam sejahtera...

Oke. Lamanya tak update belog nie. Lagi private kan belog, makin lama la tak menulis dalam belog. Biar je belog ni sebegini rupa tanpa terusik. But luckily today is your lucky day my blog! Feel like updating new post today! hooray! So, just read and enjoy reading...

Last week, which was on friday, saturday, and sunday, our Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy was the host for the Intervarsity Game for seven universities here in Russia. The games was held among Malaysian only! So, this was the best time for us to meet our friends from a very very far away universities. This was the moment for Malaysian student here to participate in sport even once a year. A great moment though!

Well, basically, I'm not joining any sport event for this year. Maybe not being athletic enough to join the sport event. P/s: If you really know me, you know why. The sport event is just not for me I think. So, I'm just helping out Kak Nasuha and Fakhirah for the opening and closing ceremony. The decoration in the hall, sewing the curtain for covering the backstage, the placard for each university. That's my job and I just lovin' it. 

But a few days before the event, all of us like verily busy. I think, not just us, all the Nizhnians were busy with their job. All people got their joblist and need to complete it. Here, only 281 Malaysians to handle every people coming to this event. We were like so scared if the event didn't went well. Last year, when we decided to do the event here, we were wondering - can we really make the event! our population is so small! Alhamdulillah, everything went well. And we really lovin' it!

The best moment was that meeting my friends from different universities. I guess we meet for only once a year, but we do meet everyday in facebook. Most of them did come to this game, although they live very far from here and need to ride the bus for 24 hours! Its very tiring. Dont worry you guys, next year will be our turn to get that feeling. Volgo Game. But one thing is that, where's Aynn Nabila, Syeera, Hafiza Khairi, Afifa, Fatin Rezal, Afiah and many more? You gurls should rilly come! 

I think the pictures will tell more stories...

This was our very last time to host the Intervarsity Games,
With a small population of 281 students,
We bled sweat & shed blood,
We starved sleep & endured wounds,
We steadied our hearts & cried our lungs out,
We had our differences & we had our difficulties,
Yet we somehow...
Despite and against all odds,
Sailed through the storm TOGETHER and arrived home with an utmost...


This year our GiG event literally and figuratively ROCKED THE ENTIRE GAMES! It is the BEST Intervarsity Games ever with a great opening ceremony, a great start to the games, an AWESOME Malam Perdana, our very own ORIGINAL Theme Song, GREAT GiG Video Promos, proper sports courts & proper accommodation, efficient and proper food, no fights, good sportsmanship, BRILLIANT ORIGINAL medal designs, COOL lucky draw prizes like Ipad, Ipod Shuffle, Ipod-uh something ^^"" , SUPERB website with efficient LiveScore through Twitter, NICE GiG souvenirs, funky flash mobs, everything well planned and organized and BEST of all...
the FIRST time in 9 years of Intervarsity games we manage to snag...

(By Gold Count & Total Medal Count! OWNAGE!! lol XD)

credit: Jane Chuah

The opening ceremony. Our Deans cutting the ribbon. 

We won the Intervarsity Game for the first time!
The trophy is ours!

Me and Etie Aziz from Volgograd! 
Enjoying the moment together...

Me and Adila Ismail...
Handball athelete nie. Jangan main2..

Our volleyball team! Go Nizhny!

Muizz Halim and Hafidz Hassan
Banyak nye medal ko dapat weyh!

Tini and Etie coming all way up from VSMU. 
Hope you enjoy the games!

Nice job kak Farahani!
Best player Handball. They won gold for it.

Adila Ismail, me, Aqilah, and Syafiqah from Moscow.

That's all for now.
Hope you guys enjoyed staying and playing here in Nizhny Novgorod.
Have a nice weekend!


  1. heiii pesal tak masuk game.malas lettew HAHA

  2. hajar!!! hehe,, n_n setaun skali pown belum tentu kita dapat jumpe face to face.. :D alhamdulillah dapat jumpe.. :D:D:D:D

  3. hajarrrrrrrrr! *jerit nie* haha, tak dapat nak dtg la, maaaaaafff..heeee, next year dtg volgo tau, tdo rumah kitorg, kte g jalan2..hehe, btw update la blog slalu. rindu hajar lama tak update! :/

  4. yanggggggg rindu ketat2 ni
    the trophy so nice lol
    mcm menang piala mesia ngeee

  5. cantiknyerrrrrrrrrrr belog schajar nehhhhh:)

  6. omg hajar!!! hahahha..sory kak tots busy ahh//plus no idea wut to bebeling..hihi..

    vavavava bangga nyaaaa tengok pix placard tu :p

  7. waw,mcm satu family lah kat sana.kenapa tak join game,jaga keayuan erk..haha

    .lama eh tak update

  8. wah korang pun baru lepas sports day ek..
    haah..mesti same jea kita punya sistem dapat jumpa kwn2 dr tempat laen ni..bkn senang :)

    p/s: muizz tu my former schoolmate...kecilnya dunia ni :)

  9. yeay!!!!! gambar owang dari arah belakang jer... jahat


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