Saturday, 17 March 2012

Typical Saturday Morning...

In front of National Gallery, Berlin.

dan salam sejahtera...

Well, its a typical saturday morning. Thinking of updating this blog about the travel stuff which had been like 2 months ago. But instead, looking at ALL the pictures make me feel so lazy to pick the best out of it and just a simple edit to post it here. So, for me today morning is basically a typical lazy day everyone having after a tiring weekdays of school.

Listening to radio in the morning with the highest volume so that i wont heard any other voices. Reading the celebrities news at the Beautiful Nara website introduced by Kak Nad Azmi. Having some breakfast. Watching movie while eating the best ice cream ever. Thinking of playing new tetris game at facebook but feel lazy to do that also. Watering my plant. Cleaning my room. Thinking about what to cook. Actually thinking about cooking is what me and Adila Ismail? hehe.

So, today is my lazy day. When is your's? ;)

Today's note: I'm suppose to study Surgery since MAYBE the exam would be earlier =.=''

Another note: My rose plant is dried and dead! But no worries, already bought a new flower plant to replace it... Hope it'll live till spring and forever.

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