Friday, 10 February 2012


Ponte di Rialto...
Venice, Italy

dan salam sejahtera...

Well, its basically a weekend now. Friday night is always the moment i'd been waiting for all this while. But suddenly it felt wrong. No mood. Fatigue. General malaise. Sleepy. and mostly all bad attitudes is here. Maybe I just felt verily tired of everything.

And that's the moment I reflected back and thought....
I wish I had a simpler life. I wish I had choosen the other path. Not here. Not now. Not this moment. I wish I could do that.

If only I choose to be a housewife only. If only I study business and management. If only I study accountancy and not this hard pathway - medicine. Or maybe being a teacher is the best as you have more time for your family. If only I can come to work at 8 am and be back at 5 pm. Not from 6 am to 10 pm.

And I knew what I did is wrong. I shouldn't be thinking about it. I shouldn't questioned my destiny as it was all fated. But sometimes I just felt I'm not strong enough. I felt like I always needed to be supported. I need someone. I need to be close with my family so that they can always cheer for me. Go through this challenge with me as the hill that needed to be climb is so high above near the sky.

SOMETIMES I always feel like this...
And here I am. Still here. And keep thinking about it.

Suddenly a picture came out in my news feed in facebook. Someone shared it there.

So people. Be grateful of your life rite now. We always wish we had someone else life as their life seems a lot easier. But we never knew what they had been through as we never put ourselves in their shoes.


Nota hari ini: Tired. Just want to rest.

Nota hari seterusnya: Please be strong!


  1. strong.takde bende senang dalam hidup.maybe teacher would say that too.go girl !

  2. be strong syg! anytime u wanna talk i'm here for you <3 hajar kuat! :))

  3. its not like you are in the pathway of becoming the doctor can't be a a teacher (or lecturer specifically). Dr. Fauziah said that, you can always be a lecturer, if you don't want busy your life afterwards.

    just a thought, really. salam.

  4. just be yourself babe. Allah s.w.t had prepared the best way for you :)) take care!

  5. all the besh :)

  6. lame x tgk blog ct.. nk tgk tp xleh kt office kne blogspot kne block n umah lak lappy dah letup.. haih.. xpe2 ade rezeki dapat yg lain.. InsyaAllah.. byk nya entri ct.. gud2.. sonok bace.. nati update lg k.. hehe.. bye2... emmuahx!

  7. dear..sabar ye..isnyallah./disebalik kesabaran ni..Allah akn balas berganda ganda kebaikan

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