Sunday, 4 December 2011

One Realization...

The true LIFE is outside there...!

Get outside. Leave your devices behind and go for a walk, or a run, or a bike ride. Enjoy nature. Watch a sunset, go to the beach or a lake or river or forest. Take your child or spouse or friend. Recharge your batteries, reflect and contemplate.

The Benefits of Disconnection

Why should we even consider disconnecting from the grid of information and communication? Let’s look at just a few reasons:
  • You shut off the interruptions and distractions of email, Twitter, IM, blogs, news, and more.
  • You give yourself space to focus and work.
  • You allow yourself space to create.
  • You can connect with real people without distractions.
  • You can read, you know, books.
  • You can accomplish a lot more.
  • You allow yourself a break from the stress of overload.
  • You can find quiet and peace of mind.
  • You can reflect and contemplate.

There are dozens of other good reasons, but I think those are serviceable for our needs.

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*its very interesting article.. just give your 5 minutes to read it*

But, that's the true though. Reflecting myself now. Its almost the end of the year. And sometimes I felt that I found myself literally missing in some of the event. Busy with the devices, with facebook, blogging, twitter. These are things that pull myself from really enjoying the time and just smile appreaciating the moments.

I'm 20 turning on 21. I dont want my life to be just in the internet.
I want to spend more time with Him.
I want to see the world brightly.
I want to appreacite the moments.
I want my soul to be there everytime I do it.
I want to appreaciate more the friends in FRONT of me.

As for now, i'll stop blogging.
Dont know if i'll continue or not.
And if there any enquiry about anything, you can contact me directly at

These were the moments i appreaciated the most..
p/s: there's a lot of them, but i'll share with you some of it.

The moment when my brother get engaged!
My family waited for me to be in Malaysia for the E-day.. Thanx =)

Then we went to Kelantan!
Thanx mom and dad for the time you give me... Sacrifice your work...

My dad smiling at Sempadan Thailand...

Practical moment! I make a lot of friends!!!!
Mira and Atie.. miss you...

Being bullied by my brothersss... as always =.=''''
at the airport. the moment i wanted to spent most of time with family.

but thanx for coming directly from lumut just to send me back to Russia..
i'll appreaciate that.

Raya time!
After our batch open house... soo kenyang!

Enjoying the moment much...

rilly luv this picture. for memories.
me and adila ismail.

then with my beloved seniors!
they are the BEST.

Just smile. Dont cry. and Luv the moment.

At their openhouse...

Again.. with them...
And amir at the back. stil healthy. and going to be healthy back soon!

Groupmates' birthday! and with them...

And finally, during deepavali...

Dont feel like blogging anymore.
Will just enjoying my evening finishing my novels and spent time with friends.

p/s: thinking of making my blog private later.
as for now, just gonna leave it unattended for the time being.

that's all for now.
thank you for reading all this while...
-Schajar McFlurry-


  1. hajaaarr!! i'm stuck in fb n twitter much.. T_T

  2. sukenye tgk gmbar2! mesti rindu smua memories kannn..
    p/s: jgn la privateeee.. :(

  3. ya!ya lepas baca baru tersedar,haha

    banyak sgt depan laptop dr dunia kak jgn lar sampai nk private:D

  4. happy family and awesome friends..
    best nyeeeerr..


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