Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Appreaciate The Moment..

Appreaciate what you have now
or else you'll lose it once and for all...

Appreaciate the moment
it wont come back again to you...

Appreaciate the time you spent
you cannot buy the time that already flown away...

Appreaciate the chance given
as it only comes to you once...

Appreaciate the love of your family
as it will be a strong motivation for you when you're far from them...

Appreaciate your friendship
dont ruined it and make it last forever till death do us apart...


There are 3 stages of LIFE...

You have all the time and energy but no money...

You have the money and energy but no time...

You have all the time and money but no more energy...

So, enjoy life and all the thing you have at the moment
because you can't have everything all at once.

Stop for a while and schmile!
Appreaciate what you have now. Enjoy the moment.

p.s. Its winter. So, watch out guys and gurls!
Dont walk below rooftop. Its extremely dangerous...!

p.s.s. Rilly lack of motivation now.
There's a lot to study and Internal Medicine cycle coming up next week.

p.s.s.s. Love this song. Heard it from Irine Nadia Marcello Blogspot.
Heart the dress and veil for her engagement ceremony!


  1. Samuii/sejuk nyer
    Mmg x sanggup nk terjah Russia
    Sbb suhu ms winter drop smpi -15 ekk
    Ker ikut ken/negeri???😰😷⛄

  2. suhu -15 tu macam temperature normal masa winter kat russia.. paling extreme -30.. beku trus~ tp kalau kat bawah2 sket, panas sket rase nyer..


  3. hajarr!!! canteknye gmba hajaarr!!!!!! love it much!

  4. wah! cun seh gambar.

    saljiiiiiii! ohmy! =)

    goodluck and all the best future doc to be. ganbate kundasai!

  5. -15 suhu normal ekkk...
    kalo kat sini panjat Mount Fuji baru leh rasa suhu gituew....if hajar dtg sini mesti rasa PANAS ngeee

  6. wahhlaaa...akk dpt tahu nizhny start snowing lbh awl dr moscow..hehe kat sini snow xsmpt nk berkumpol pon..sehari je pastu dah kering...peh siap ade ais dah..keekeke..slmt main snow hajar.hey,bila nk dtg moscow lg?come la..tdo bilik akk :)

  7. klip tudung pn cantik jugak,appreciate segalanya :)

  8. have a super great winter!!! :)


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