Saturday, 23 July 2011

If You Could See Me Now...

If you could see me now...
p/s: penah bace tak novel nie...?

what if love was right there in front of you...?
and you just couldn't see it...

i was supposed to finish this novel on my way back to malaysia.. during the transit, in the flight.. but now, its already two weeks i'm back in malaysia and i havent finish reading quarter of the book. this is becauseeeee.....

I'M BACKKKKK! I'm in Malaysia!
and i'm lovin' it

back to the topic...
what if love was right there in front of you...?
and you just couldn't see it...


usually people are just not aware of what was there in front of them..

and they try to look harder for something that are not in front of them..

and only realize that they love someone when the person was missing from their side...

and looking back for that person..

well, that is basically what happened around us.. we are just not aware of everything... we just looking straight forward to the person that will complete our 'checklists' instead of looking at someone that have been trying so hard to be in our checklists...

well, the best solution is that.. there will be a perfect person that will one day make our checklists complete! and that is when...


okeyh... for sure, i'm not crapping about myself!
just wanna congratulate my brother for his engagement... will update later about their engagement! rilly love the theme.. pink and silver...


  1. best buku tuu! etong suka hihi thniah abg schajar baru bertunang :)

  2. assalamualaikum...
    selamat berkenalan..
    erm,,sys blaja kt luar negara kew??
    if yess,,,ohhh!!beshnyewww!!!
    boley sye nk kenal sys dgn lbih rapat?!:D

  3. syg!!!! bile nak tunang plak? ;P

  4. jemput follow link saya,
    kalau sudi :).


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