Wednesday, 4 May 2011

SpriNg fiNaLy heRe!

...The view fr0m the end of the park...
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

its S.P.R.I.NG!!!

its tyme t0 spring around the park and city and every places in the Nizhny N0vgorod people! the temperature n0w is the best ever c0mpare to during the freezing cold winter and verily hot summer... it's 11 degree celcius n0w as written on my deskt0p... so, dont just lay back on the s0fa or bed while watching movies, korean series and a lot of things that you used t0 do during winter...
*advice to myself actually.. since i always keep myself in da r00m*

i'm quite busy with my life lately... g0t some problems to take care of.. luckily managed to solve it.. then, a lot of tests c0ming along... couldn't rilly take the pressure.. and that's why i was privating my blog for a while, just couple of weeks bef0re... but now i realize that..

'Problems are meant to be solve... that's why they come to you.. they knew that u're the 0NLY one who can take care of them... s0, always take the CHALLENGE!'
-Schajar McFlurry-

okeyh.. lets feel da spring here by enjoying the pictures below...
l0cation: just the park located in front of our hostel...
just cross the road and tada... u're there!

p/s: the picture below were taken N0T from Google although it look verily nice!
its taken by my colleagues at the park...

when spring comes... the fl0wers start to bloom...
they're just beautiful..!

and the 'sleeping' trees start to wake up fr0m a long sleep...
and they c0me back t0 life...

whereas the ferry's wheel start to make a turn...
turn till da next winter when it need to stop again...

people walking around like there's no worries anym0re...
its here finally.. the SPRING....

and the love of the mother conquer all...
Happy Mother's day t0 all mums outside there...

and when finally the sunset can be seen...
all people back to their home and hoping f0r a better tomorrow to come...

and my brother once said...
L0VE = the sum of all excellence...
is it true...? never rilly experience that before....

all pictures above credit to...
Nasir Zainal Abidin. Muhamad Bashirushdan.

by the way...
it seems like i'm not gonna update my blog anytime sooner... since the final exam just around the corner.. gonna need to focus on that first... then only c0ming back to Malaysia...!
3 words from me...


...that's all for now..
lots of lurve
-Schajar McFlurry-


  1. yeay!!!

    gud luck bebeh !!

    nty balek mesia kt hang out sesame tau...

    heee :)

  2. good luck babe..n nice pics lah !

  3. gudluck awk :)
    hey bila nk balik msia ???

  4. Farahin: okeyh! jemput datang umah tyme raye yel...

    Maryam: thanx dear! =D

    Aina: lagi 2 bulan... tga wat countd0wn nie.... ^_^

  5. its very beautiful there :)

  6. yup.. rilly3 nice... the season is just great =)

  7. nice spring rite...gambatte for ur exam sis :))

  8. SELAMAT HARI IBU2...gud luck dear for ur exam....

  9. wow... sangat cantik view kat sana.. nana suka... btw, salam kenal dari nana-chenta nana-

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  12. Assalamualaikum hajar, sume gamba2 ni lawalawa!!! ^__^
    musim bunga menjelma!!! :D
    pss : kite rindu hajar ='////............

  13. sisss...gmabr2 ni sume sis amek ke
    mmg potogenik giler!!!
    cun ahhhhhhhhhh

  14. takde larh... bukan saye yang amek... kawan2 batch yang amek.. di0rang sume mmg photogenic ^_^


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