Saturday, 26 February 2011

All i nEed....

Can you still see the heart of me?
All my agony fades away
When you hold me in your embrace

Don't tear me down
For all i need
Make my heart a better place
Give me something I can believe

Don't tear it down
What's left of me
Make my heart a better place

All I Need by Within Temptation

p/s: i'm in luv with vampires diaries....


  1. Hello Babe.....kalau ade rezeki, we go traveling together..nak?;-P

  2. hi sandra azwan...

    of c0z! would luv to d0 so...

    travelling is sooo0000 much fun rite.. i just luv it so much~


  3. hello hajar..thnx for following...and now im following u too..nice blog n nk travvel jugak ! hahahah

  4. same2...! makaceh f0ll0w jugak yek...

    nak travel...?? jum2... suke sangat jalan2... =)

  5. nk travel jugak....bestnya,jelous tgk picture awk

  6. makaceh.... sy just nak share pengalaman sye...



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