Thursday, 27 January 2011

by SandRa AzwAn...

Hye uoo0llllsssss.....!

there's been a lot of p0sts fr0m me lately... yup.. i know.. its bec0z i already finish my final exam f0r first semester as 2nd year medical student..! the hardest pathway ever~! and since i g0t a lot of free tyme rite n0w... *actually just f0r 3 days.. c0z after that i'm going f0r my winter vacation*.. i would like t0 j0in this exclusive pr0m0 by Sandra Azwan as i already pr0mised...

yup...! he's kindly giving a new header f0r FREE...! seriously!

- this pr0m0 is f0r all blog owner... anyb0dy interested..?!? u guys can join it now.. make the m0ve guys and gurlz~! this is once in a lifetime experience...

- f0llow the blog Life with Sandra... Done!

just write a creative review regarding dis beautiful bl0g...
Doing it rite n0w... lets begin!

s0, who is Sandra Azwan...?

He's a famous Malaysian fashion designer... believe it or not!
education ----> Ijazah Sarjana Muda Seni Reka (Fesyen)

wut i'm amazed with are his achievement... walllaaa~
Anugerah Koleksi Terbaik: UiTM Degree Fashion Show 2010, penerima anugerah Malaysia International Fashion Association (MIFA-8) 2007, penata gaya Gangstarz TV3 musim kedua, penata gaya Special Songket Couture Fashion Presentation 2007
congratulations to you.....

Top 50 Best Blog In Malaysia: As seen in InTrend Magazine March 2010 issue...
As seen in Harian Metro on 27.6.2010...

i told u so... he'd achieved a lot..! and going to achieve more and more... he'd been a lot of magazines and newspaper all around Malaysia.. nice right! okayh.. that's about the author of the blog..

n0w.. my review about the blog.. firstly i would l0ve to write about the HEADER...!!! its extremely and absolutely beautiful and gorgeous.. its totally different than other blog header i ever seen.....

as we can see in the making of the blog header... it is a handmade header..! 100% handmade... can't believe it rite..? look at the pic above... the idea of the header was fr0m sumthing that we encountered in our daily life.. anywhere and anything around us.. *but we never see it that way except sum1 creative!* the first photo focus m0re on the different colours and movement 0f l0wer part 0f b0dy.. and referring to 2nd photo... its the mimetic muscle 0f face..*fr0m point of view medical student... i can name it one by one..! since i just finish my Anatomy exam*
kidding =D

and he's combining all the photos int0 one beautiful drawing...

...the new header...


beautiful isn't it..! totally gorgeous!

next... the blog sh0wed me sumthing different in which i couldn't get it fr0m most of other fashion designers! but wut is it...? its a 'backstage view' from a fashion designer point of view... m0st of the pictures.. the entries.. the comments.. get me t0 know m0re about life as fashion designer...! the pictures that i like the most is the backstage photo.. which are usually n0t shown in magazines...

nice rite...? just a normal picture of behind the scene...

wut m0re d0 i wanna say about this blog...? the blog gimme s0me idea of the life as fashion designer...! yup~
i never imagine it bef0re this.. how fashion designer live their life...

well... as we can see... they d0 read through a very thick b00k...! not just medic students read thick books..! means that... all professions in the world have their own thick books to memorize... to take idea from it... to go through it... to dive into it..
s0, no m0re complaining about being a medic student....~! fashion designer is a tough j0b too... in fact.. they need to sketch s0mething based on their original idea... need to create sumthing new each upc0ming seasons.. beautiful summer.. nice autumn.. and not to forget, freezing c0ld winter... their originality is the m0st important!

this picture give me s0me idea about what a fashion designers' sketches look like..! nice and beautiful~

and the dresses that i luv the most is....

when i was looking at the contest.. i look through Faizal Hamid blog.. and my heart was like stop pounding.. OMG.. the beautiful dress ever..! the little black swan...

plus the review made by Sandra Azwan about the event was great! i dunno if this theme is related to the Black Swan movie... but i already watched the movie... it was great...! planning to watch the live ballet performance at Russian theater hall later...

of course... the best thing about this blog is the pictures inside it! luv it so much~
s0, that's all my review about Life with Sandra..

p/s: i would rilly luv to have you to design my wedding dress later...
*a long tyme to go*

- tag at least 5 people... Done!
so, these are the people..

Laskar Rainb0w
Farzana Farzanto

- put the banner at side bar - Done!

all pictures credit to...
bysandraazwan dot blogspot dot com

p/s: i'm not a fashion designer...
i'm just an ordinary gurl who love to view the world fr0m all sides and points...

Everything in life is luck ~Donald Trump


  1. I'm Impressed!! Thank you....;-)

  2. i'm da 0ne impressed with ur bl0g!

  3. Hey darling!^^ Sandra, I'm really impressed with your blog and entry! It's a very well written post.

    I love it very much and I really think that you deserve to win! ;)

    All the best and good luck to you, ya? Have a beautiful weekend~ ^^

  4. hye Erika... =)

    thanx f0r ur c0mment!... rilly2 appreciate it.. ^^

    i just wrote wut i feel about the blog... wut i like about it in my point of view.. glad u like it..

  5. Tahniah!;-)
    Can i have ur email? Thanks babe..;-)


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