Sunday, 5 December 2010

seBerApE deWasAkah kiTe...?

location: view fr0m my room during sunset...

seberape dewasakah kita..?

seberape matangkah kita..?

apakah yang menjadi kayu ukur yang menunjukkan kematangan dan kedewasaan sese0rang itu..?

pernah tak kite terfikir s0alan ini...? sebenar nyer baru2 ini.. aku baru dapat berite yang sangat2 memberi impak yang mendalam dalam hidup aku... yang membuatkan aku tersentap sebentar.. yang membuat aku terpikir sebentar... lantaran, membuat aku terkagum sebentar..

h0w old are you?... selama nie kita selalu menjadikan umur sebagai kayu ukur whether we are young or 0ld.. whether we should act like a child.. a teenager.. or an adult.. but we never knew that s0metime our mind wont work that way.. our mind will work according to wut we really3 wanted and according to our situation and environment...

can you imagine the children wh0se living in a country that having a war at this time.. can they really think about having fun.. yup, maybe at one time.. when, there's nobody attacking them, they will play and smile happily.. but we never know what they really feel.. their fear, behind that joyful smile that only last for a short time...

can u imagine the teenagers having diseases that make them knowing when they're actually dying.. suffering outside and intside... their b0dy suffering fr0m the disease.. on the other hand, their mind keep telling them that the day after tomorrow they'll die.. s0, they must have really2 strong self motivation so that they wont lose hope.. s0 that they will always hoping for miracle and will live!

Are we actually waiting f0r that certain time to make us realize that life is not just about us..? its about all the things around us too.. its about all the people around us too! because we are br0thers and sisters.. we care about others...

life is not a kindergarten's playground, where you can actually think about only one thing.. that is playing around.. life is a farm.. where u're the farmer... u're the 0ne who need to look for others to get ur knowledge about farming.. then, u're the 0ne who need to work hard t0 make the best out of it.. and at last, u're the one wh0's going t0 harvest all your hardship...

age is just a number rite...? that's what 0lder people always say when they seem to be younger than their actual age and when they wanted to be young... but when we think about it... can we change it to other way around...? means that at our age, which are just 19 years old and still a teenager, we can actually think and be like an adult... think not just about ourselves.. but about others too... think that life is not just a playground, its a beautiful farm...

and like i said...
age is just a number!


  1. baca entri awk yg ni buat akak rindu kanak2 palestin..they are matured enuf cmpared to their age..

    masa muda ni la masa utk mnjlnkan tngunggjwb sbgai khalifah..insyaAllah^^

  2. nice writing. keep up!


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